What Are The Best Bass Guitar Under 200 Available On The Market In 2020?

Are you interested in playing the bass guitar? If you are on a tight spending plan and would love to get the best bass guitar under 200 to begin your exciting experience, you should read our full reviews of some incredible bass guitars under 200 from BreathCaroline

The bass guitar is an extraordinary guitar to play as it has an alternate encounter, feel, and various playing styles. It tends to be a central sound on a band, or then again to offer help for different instruments and be the foundation of the sound by imparting significant bassline in a melody and for the band. 

However, finding a decent low register guitar in the first place doesn't imply that you need to go through a great deal of cash. These low pitch guitars have the sort of value and highlights perfectly for every player to get their furrow on. To prepare for players with thankfulness concerning the instrument, which goes past by simply taking a gander at the cost and specs of the bass.

Let’s find out our best bass guitar under 200 and we hope you can find a suitable bass for you!

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Top Best Bass Guitar Under 200 Reviews 2020

Luna Tattoo 30″ Scale Bass

Luna Tattoo is the best bass guitar under 200 with a unique design and a small scale length. It is explicitly perfect for players with small hands and for the individuals who would prefer to adhere near the top-finish of the fingerboard while making certain about the scores and beat licks.

This Luna bass guitar has 4 strings, which includes a great combination of a mahogany body, a wonderful glossy silk finish, a C-formed maple neck, and a smallish pecan fingerboard with pearl-moon stage trims. Its scale length is 30 inches, and it's truly protected to state that it provides an absurd degree of playability, whether or not this is your first time playing the bass guitar or in case you're an accomplished veteran.

This bass guitar comes provided with a solitary Vintage P-Bass split single-curl center pickup that is sufficiently able to help even the most out of control rock subgenres, and mellower and gentler. This bass likewise comes pre-hung with excellent strings. The pearl moon decorations are impeccable regardless of how you put it, yet just the ones in the center are very obvious. It may require some investment to get familiar with this quirky sort of fret sign, even though it's very compensating at long last.

Moreover, Luna Tattoo bass guitar comes equipped with a plastic 1.625 inches nut, ABM pass on cast rear end, and shut apparatus bite the dust cast machine heads. Even though this low pitch guitar can stay in tune for a long time before it needs to do some modifications, you still should ensure that the plastic nut works well. Although delicate knocks won't split it, however, you have to remember that it's wobbly.

Overall, Luna Tattoo is proven as the best bass guitar under 200 due to its perfect design, tonewoods, amazing playability, excellent sounds, and other outstanding features. It is a basic bass, however, its adaptability and well-roundedness may in any case astound you. Even though it is customized for new learners and unpracticed players, experts will in any case have the option to discover a lot of significant worth in it. So if you are looking for a bass guitar, you shouldn’t forget this one.

Dean Edge 09 Bass

Dean Edge E09 is another best bass guitar under 200 that is famous for beautiful design and simple to utilize with a generally moderate cost for a maturing bassist to play with. It has a twofold cutaways body made from basswood that comes in three assortments of shading complete without a gatekeeper plate. The screw on the neck is the silk on the top and a 22 medium-large frets on a pecan fingerboard with dab decorations.

Furthermore, this Dean bass has a single soap bar humbucker which is set on the neck region instead of placing on the extension part creating a very surprising feel on tones. Controls are simple consisting of an ace volume and tone. It also has excellent equipment with flexible standard 4-saddle connect and dark fixed rigging tuning machines.

Overall, Dean Edge E09 is well-deserved as the best bass guitar under 200 for players who are on a tight spending plan but fall in love with playing bass. So if you want to get a bass guitar to have great playing experience, then you should consider this E09 from Dean.

Squier Affinity Precision Bass PJ Bass

Affinity Precision is another the best bass guitar under 200 from Squier with the high build quality and great sounds. When it first presented, this bass model was made by the Fender brand then it was sold to Squier to emulate a much more moderate model. It is an all-around suggested bass for new bass players.

This Squier model has a perfect body and neck configuration making it easier for bass beginners to play with as they can learn to play without any problems. It also produces notorious and wonderful tones that will make you feel happy and comfortable whenever you play it.

Affinity arrangement Precision bass comes with a birch body available in three diverse shadings being specific white, dark, and race red with a 3-handle dark pickguard. It also has a glossy silk finish maple neck jolted on to the body and has 20 medium size frets on a rosewood fingerboard with a decorative spot.

This bass has part single-loop pick-ups for the neck and a standard j-bass pick-up for the extension, constrained by independent volume handles for each pick-up and tone to produce amazing sounds. It also has movable standard 4-saddle scaffold and open apparatus tuning machines to keep the strings set up and in the correct pitch.

Overall, Affinity Precision is well-deserved as the best bass guitar under 200 from Squier. It has a beautiful outlook and high-quality sounds making it a perfect choice for beginners. When considering a suitable bass guitar to begin learning how to play, we highly recommend you try out this one.

Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass

Squier has progressed significantly since the obtaining of Fender and they dispatched their arrangement of guitars and basses with the brand name Squier by Fender. This brand produces a lot of the best bass guitars under 200 and from all of those basses, Affinity Jazz bass is among the best choices.

Affinity Jazz bass from Squier has an inclining curvier looking body contrasted with other well-known models of the brand. It comes with a birch body in burst and a few strong gets done with 3 employ scratch plates for players to consider. This bass also has a neck that is jolted on with a slender C-profile and a 20 medium gigantic size fret on a rosewood or shrub fingerboard set apart by trim spots.

Besides, this bass is outfitted with a couple of standard jazz bass single pick-ups put on the neck and scaffold constrained by two-volume handles and tone. It also has the equipment, including conventional 4 saddle extensions and open apparatus adjustment machines.

Overall, Affinity Jazz is the best bass guitar under 200 made by the Squier brand for every bass player to consider. If you are a big fan of Squier by Fender and love playing the bass guitar, you should consider this one.

Squier Jaguar SS Bass

Another mainstream bass model from Fender that Squier additionally makes in a reasonable value for every player to manage the cost of is this Jaguar SS bass. This bass has a comfortable body making it correspondingly agreeable to the Jazz bass mentioned above. However, this bass has seminars on the cutaway plan to give it shorter horns which principally makes this guitar an alternate sort of allure and special unique look.

This specific model of the panther is the SS or short scope adaptation. The body configuration is small and the neck is shorter in view of the closer dispersing of its 20 frets contrasted with other best bass under 200. Moreover, it has an Agathis body with a polyurethane finish in three hues ensured by a 3-employ pickguard.

Jaguar SS also features a maple neck with 20 medium-large size fret on a rosewood fingerboard fasteners on to the body utilizing plate and screws. This bass has part single curl pick-ups for the neck, and standard single-loop on the scaffold constrained by 2 volume and tone to help it produce excellent sounds. It also comes with 4-saddle extension and open apparatus adjustment machines.

Overall, Jaguar SS is well worth being on the top best bass guitar under 200 because it has a beautiful design, great sound quality, and other features making it suitable for beginners. If you are on a tight budget, you should take a look at this fantastic bass guitar.

Yamaha TRBX174 Bass

Yamaha is famous for reliably giving a wide exhibit of extraordinary instrument items, particularly with their low register guitar models. From all of their best bass guitars under 200, TRBX174 is an incredible choice for players to consider.

Yamaha TRBX174 has a comfortable body produced using a mahogany head off by a gleam urethane finish in strong hues and a glow completion without a pickguard. Jolt on glossy silk completed neck is an accuracy style made utilizing maple and a rosewood fingerboard 24 frets.

Giving the bass its scope of tones are two earthenware pick-ups. This bass guitar also has a split single-curl for the neck and single-loop on the extension with 2 volume controls and an interesting tone. There are also 4-saddle connect and secured tuners included on this bass guitar.

Overall, TRBX174 from a well-known brand like Yamaha is truly on the top best bass guitar under 200. It comes with all the necessities of a standard Yamaha guitar. If you are looking for a wonderful bass guitar, we recommend you try out this one.

Dean Metalman Series Classic Black Bass

Metalman Classic Black Bass is another best bass guitar under 200 that comes from the Dean brand. The out of the conventional, yet at the same time, exemplary body shapes to headstock plan of this low register guitar. This bass also comes equipped with a straight dark completion and the establishment of a solitary humbucker set at the extension which is without question a telling sign that these sorts of basses are most appropriate for metal.

This Dean Metalman is an assortment of low register guitars available in various shapes, including the V, Z, and ML. It comes with a beautiful basswood body with a C-shape fastener on maple neck and 22 medium frets on a rosewood or pecan fingerboard set apart by pearl spots.

Moreover, It has a solitary warm and rich sounding humbucker gets situated at the extension constrained by an excellent volume and tone. This bass also has movable standard 4-saddle connect and fixed tuners with a dark kick the bucket cast finish.

Overall, Metalman is proven as one of the best bass guitars under 200 from Dean due to its perfect design, unique structure, and lovely shading colors making it different from other excellent bass guitars in its class.

Ibanez GSR200 Bass

GSR200 is one of the best bass guitars under 200 that you can discover from Ibanez bass guitar products. It has an acceptable sound, all around worked at its cost and an agreeable bass to use for training, as a studio bass and even suitable to perform in front of an audience.

The bass body is molded twofold cutaway produced using poplar in various shine shading completions to browse without a defensive shield. It also has a thin maple neck making it suitable for quick playability overlaid by 22 medium gigantic size frets on a jatoba fingerboard embellished with spot decorations.

Moreover, this Ibanez bass comes with inactive Dynamix split single-coil pickups set at the neck and detached Dynamix eight post single curl pick-ups on the extension. It is constrained by a neck volume, connection volume, tone, and a bass lift cut handle for additional power. There are also customizable 4-saddle extensions and the chrome finish machine sets out toward tuning.

Overall, GRS200 from Ibanez is well worth it for you to get one. If you want to try out the best bass guitar under 200 from Ibanez, you shouldn’t forget this one.

Ibanez Talman TMB100 Bass

Talman TMB100 is another best bass guitar under 200 that comes again from Ibanez. It is additionally a spending cordial valued bass guitar that displays a more vintage appearance and design contrasted with the Ibanez GSR200 mentioned above.

This Talman bass from Ibanez is an exactness bass with an alternate agreeable body plan and a thin neck for quick playability making it like a jaguar guitar. It has a body cut in poplar with a gut cut and armrest for included solace, which arrives in an assortment for players to choose with a 3-utilize secured scratchplate. It also has a TMB4 exactness style maple neck and jatoba fingerboard with 20 medium-size frets praised by white speck decorates.

Furthermore, TMB100 bass is furnished with an aloof Dynamix separated single-loop neck and uninvolved eight shafts Dynamix single-curl connect get constrained by two blend handles. The first handle is a balancer and volume, and the second handle is for bass or high pitch cut. You should consider picking between the neck and the extension pick-ups or just in the center to utilize both.

Overall, Talman TMB100 is deserved as the best bass guitar under 200 price range making it suitable for those who are on a tight budget but still love trying out a new playing style.

Fender Precision Bass

We realize it's anything but a 200 dollar value bass, yet on the off chance that you need to spend more or can hold up until you set aside cash, we suggest you get this Precision Bass from Fender.

This Precision has various kinds of music styles from pop, rock to jazz, blues. With its makers' adoration for music, outlook, and enthusiasm for making extraordinary instruments, the primary mass delivered accuracy bass was conceived. The prominence and use all through the music of this bass are extraordinary.

This is an ageless bass, keeping up its great convention on how it is amazingly constructed which is indicated now on new models of Precision bass and Jazz bass from Fender. The long history of value, favorable to bass sound, and for the explanation of essentially having an instrument with a Fender logo on the headstock is wise speculation.

Overall, this Precision from Fender is among the best bass guitars under 200 with an amazing look, great sounds, and ability to play numerous styles of music. If you are finding a bass guitar from Fender, you should consider this one as an option.

Squier Affinity Bronco

Affinity Bronco is another best bass guitar under 200 on this list which is a perfect option for you to consider before getting your best guitar as it has a beautiful Squier design and high sound quality.

This bass will make new learners feel good and excusing while having an interesting playing experience with it. For a further developed player, its playability is incredible to such an extent that you have a desire to hold and play it for a long time. This Bronco has a short scope and C-molded neck combined with its lightweight body which makes it more playable.

Moreover, Affinity Bronco looks incredible with a vintage style twofold cutaway Agathis body, while it is pleasantly voiced by one single-curl pickup. Since it produces a rich and shockingly adaptable tone, it is suitable for some styles of music, including jazz, funk, and rock.

Overall, Affinity Bronco is truly the best bass guitar under 200 from Squier for beginners to learn how to play the bass guitar or experts to try out a new guitar style. If you want to get a vintage style bass guitar, this Bronco is a perfect option for you.

Ibanez GSRM20

Ibanez shows up on this diagram on account of their GSRM20 Mikro which is famous for being one of the best bass guitars under 200. It unites execution and style with a truly reasonable cost. The feature of this bass is its fledgling agreeable short scope plan with just 28.6 inches, making it marginally simpler to get to grasps with the maple neck. Besides its amazing playability, it also has extraordinary looks and sounds.

This bass guitar has a thin twofold cutaway strong mahogany body done with a smooth shine in an assortment of paint occupations, going from harsh purple to ivory white. This is stacked with a Dynamix P pickup at the neck and a Dynamix J pickup at the scaffold, alongside average controls and chrome equipment.

This Ibanez Mikro GSM20 is a minimized four-string bass making it ideal for new learners, particularly for the youths, and for those players with little hands. It has a poplar wood bass body with a maple neck. The neck is a Jatoba fretboard with 22 medium frets, which is entirely agreeable and thin formed for players to have interesting playing experience.

Moreover, GSRM20 from Ibanez has a great fixed connect, a plastic nut, and Ibanez passes on cast tuners. For the large and punchy tone that this Mikro GSRM20 conveys are answerable for the P/J pick-ups. They have separate Volume control handles.

Additionally, there is a tone control handle, which influences them two. This bass guitar is accessible in various shading colors, including dark, earthy colored sunburst, white, straightforward red, brutal purple, root brew cruel, starlight blue, pecan level, and endured dim finish.

Overall, if you have smaller hands and want to find a bass guitar to play with, this GSRM20 from Ibanez is a perfect choice for you. It is one of the best bass guitars under 200 from Ibanez which has litter size, reasonable cost, and incredible sound quality.

Epiphone Toby Standard-IV Bass

Toby Standard-IV is another best bass guitar under 200 from Epiphone that offers an extraordinary incentive for the cash-dependent on the sound it can convey along with a wonderful appearance body to headstock plan.

The front line body configuration is remarkable from different basses for innovation. It is made of radiata pine in various shading forms for players to pick and has a maple neck with 24 frets on a rosewood fingerboard without decorating markers.

Toby bass guitar gadgets include the exemplary Tobias-planned single-curl in the neck and at the extension constrained by an ace volume, pickup mix with focus detent, bass cut, and high pitch cut. The scaffold is flush-mount low-profile completely customizable and tuners are excellent to kick the bucket cast proportion.

Overall, Toby Standard-IV from Epiphone is well-worth being one of the best bass guitars under 200 for anyone who is on a tight spending plan and wants to try a bass with beautiful colors, design, and sounds.

Buying Guide: Best Bass Guitars Under 200


Best Bass Guitar Under 200

One of the most significant things you should focus on concerning low register guitars is the neck. It is because, on the bass guitar market, every bass has various kinds of necks. Some basses have meager, and there are likewise 4-string, 5-string, and 6-string basses. However, to get a great bass guitar, we suggest you choose one that has a comfortable neck as it will make you feel more agreeable while having an interesting bass experience.


The finger is essentially a wide bit that sits at the head of the neck, and bass strings are trailed by tuners which will assist you with altering the pressure of each string. Likewise, you can discover fret and fretless guitars and all of them do have advantages and disadvantages.

Best Bass Guitar Under 200

For instance, standard low pitch guitars have fretted and they permit you to play far more effectively in contrast with fretless low pitch guitars. This is because your hands will slide easily all over and you can truly feel the scores. 

However, fretless ones are harder to play with, mostly in light of the way that you don't have worries that will stop the vibrations, so you need to utilize your fingers to accomplish. But again, choosing a fingerboard depends on your favor, needs, and music playing styles. 


Best Bass Guitar Under 200

There are various sorts of the best bass guitars under 200 on the guitar manufacturing market. Some of them have aloof or dynamic hardware, others have four-strings, five-strings, and then some, while some are jolts on the neck, set neck, and through body neck contingent upon the sort.


Accordingly, we recommend you pick the one that can fulfill your inclinations and needs because your chosen bass guitar may go with you for a long time of learning and playing.

Material And Build Quality

Best Bass Guitar Under 200

The assembled quality, just as the material utilized all through the making cycle, is one more significant factor before deciding which bass guitar is suitable for you. New bass learners are frequently inquisitive whether they ought to pick delicate or hardwood.

Well, we have to explain to you that hardwood has decent, apparent attributes as it produces a splendid sound. When you see dark, rock maple, or rosewood, this is hardwood.

. Besides, softwoods, as the name proposes, have a smooth, bright, and warm tone, a portion of these incorporate birch and basswood.

In case you're considering this more often than not, we would disclose to you a certain something. Indeed, you will require a bass amp, however, once you get more gifted, as a starter, you are not obliged to contribute a great deal. Rather, you should simply rehearse and practice more to play better.


Much like with other instruments, comfort is a container you have to check on the off chance that you even need to consider being acceptable on a particular bass. An agreeable bass will provide you with an augmentation feel of your body, yet awkward one will rapidly transform into a torment gadget.

Best Bass Guitar Under 200

A few basses have bigger bodies, which is fine for most individuals. Be that as it may, some bass players locate those bigger bodies excessively unwieldy. The neck profile is another main consideration. Contingent upon the size of your hands, you may choose between a more extensive or smaller neck and a thicker or more slender neck.

There is a wide range of profiles accessible, and you certainly need to locate the one that makes you feel comfortable and happy to play for a long time.

Additional Tips

Best Bass Guitar Under 200

After reading all things above, you will now have a superior comprehension of low register guitars. Guitars aren't diverse in any way. Subsequently, we would propose you consistently organize those guitars that are made by mainstream brands since renowned brands will in general furnish you with items that will be extremely quality.

Moreover, before buying a bass guitar under 200, you should also consider other features of a bass guitar including size, scale length, shading colors, equipment, and much more to get the most suitable one for you.

Conclusion: Best Bass Guitar Under 200 - Top Pick For The Best

Best For Young learners

Best For Beginners and Experts

Best For Beginners

After looking into all the incredible bass guitars above, we at long last discover that this Luna Tattoo 30’’ Scale bass is the best bass guitar under 200. There are some reasons why this Luna Tattoo turned into our best choice from all those best bass guitars under 200.

The first feature making this Luna an excellent bass guitar is its perfect design. Luna comes with a fabulous mix of various tonewoods including a mahogany body, a maple neck, and a pecan fingerboard with a glossy silk finish and pearl moon decorations. This bass guitar also has a 30 inches scale length making it suitable for young children or players with small hands. Because this small size makes this guitar more playable for players to play for a long time.

Moreover, one special feature of this bass guitar is its stability. Even though it is a low pitch guitar, Luna can stay in tune quite well for a long time before players need to do some modifications for it. One last thing making this guitar suitable for tight budget players is its affordable price range. Since this Luna is on the best bass guitar under 200 list, you can easily get it if you love playing the bass but are hesitant because of price.

Undoubtedly, on the bass guitar market, there are diverse best bass guitars under 200 with different sorts, styles, and different highlights that will be appropriate for every player. These guitars can provide an inconceivable mix of sensibility, top-notch sound, playability, and marvelous course of action. Thus, when you find a bass guitar, you should consider its sound quality, plan, structure, playability, etc carefully. We believe you can pick your suitable bass guitar under 200 after reading our reviews of some amazing guitar above.

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