Top 15 Irresistible Choice Of Best Bass Guitar Picks In 2023

If you want to have an excellent performance with the bass guitar, you definitely need to purchase the best bass guitar picks. So let’s read this article to find out which is the best for you.

The Guitar picks are the most important instrument that gives you great support in playing guitar with different string attacks. Also, you will need premium guitar picks for battering guitar sound and excellent results. Your sound and power of playing bases your Guitar absolutely on premium picks.

The picks improve the ability to play strings and handle bass guitar strings that are greater in quantity with ease. You can’t play slap-style without picks in Bass guitar strings. Many types of bass guitar pick are available on the market but many are not good in quality or do not perform well on string management. Today Carroll / Fletcher will highlight 15 best bass guitar picks that were chosen after a physical examination and the opinions of some musical experts.

Best Bass Guitar Picks Comparison 2024

Pick Geek TRIO Fender 346 Shape Classic Celluloid Picks Dunlop Big Stubby Picks
best bass guitar picks best bass guitar picks best bass guitar picks




Best quality

Best price

Best for speed player

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Bass Guitar Picks, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Detailed Reviews Of Top Best Bass Guitar Picks

Dunlop MHPT02

best bass guitar picks

The first of our list is an amazing product from the Jim Dunlop brand. Whether you’re a fan or just searching for a cool and consistent pick to dive into some hard riffs, then this might be the right option for you.

The MHPT02 Dunlop comes out in a six-pack. All of the picks are black and feature branding from Lemmy. I personally love the branding, in particular, being textured, and also having an extra grip. The gage of those picks is 1.14 mm, which for most bass strings is not very thick.

The nylon picks, however, are more than sturdy and even have an elevated tip shape. You will also enjoy the pick keeper which comes with Lemmy branding in a collectible tin case.

Thinner picks can also be found at the.73 and.88 mm. These features, however, Motorhead branding and brand album art.

Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks

best bass guitar picks

Next, we have the colorful Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks. That’s high quality picks with simple installation and convenient application root for all bass produced guitars. Also, the picks give you a smooth, visible surface and a deep or round tone. These Picks have the conventional 351 forms and better for the purity of speech or change of intimation. All Bass Adjuster Picks have a smooth striking surface and a soft, round tone of the music. Fender 351 Form Quality Picks are strong and inflexible/sustainable, offering a smooth, deep sound with excellent attics.

Comes in 12 Packs for more market enhancement and both picks have their own characteristics and tones light upon the branding of Electric Bass Guitar. Motorhead and album art Brandi.

Original Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick

best bass guitar picks

One interesting product that we want to show for you is the Original Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick. Purchasing the Dragon’s Heart is a little like having three different choices. This is because those picks were designed by the designers to have three distinct surfaces for various play styles. Let’s look at every one of them so we can see what makes each shine:

On this pick, the basic edge is pretty much what you would expect from a normal pick that is somewhat smoother in dimensionality. This point is quite natural so skilled guitarists can pick it up and play with it immediately.

The Sharper Edge-The finer, more rounded tip is where the pick tends to become unique. This edge is also adding a “puff” to your string assaults, making this edge great for bass solos. This pointed area has a finer feel and sound as compared with the normal tip.

The Rounded Edge-This pick’s sharper edge is much more distinctive than its rounded edge. As this is a thicker pick overall, when you strum it has a darker sound.

Dunlop 449R150 Nylon Max-Grip Standard Guitar Picks

best bass guitar picks

The second great quality product that also comes from the Jim Dunlop brand is Dunlop 449R150 Nylon Max-Grip Standard Guitar Picks. Besides the fact that the guitar picks are very popular, they make the list for several reasons. The first and foremost explanation is the strong grip that makes these picks so common and so iconic. You can imagine as a bass guitar player how much tension there is reaching the strings. This is because their strings are much heavier than the guitars. The grip helps reduce any resistance and no matter how hard you strum your fingers will hold the pick in place. These nylon picks often come in a wide variety of gauges, but the 1.0 mm version for bass guitar is probably the most common. Also common with bass players are the standard Dunlop nylon picks. These are the same as one’s maxi grip but they don’t have the grip on the board. That said, standard Nylon picks still have a reasonably good grip on the studded sides and a raised mark. Seen below are the standard nylon bass guitar picks.

Planet Waves 7DBK7-10 DuraGrip Guitar Picks

best bass guitar picks

Another not less interesting choice from this best bass guitar pickslist belongs to Planet Waves 7DBK7-10 DuraGrip Guitar Picks. The bass guitar picks from D’Addario Planet Waves DuraGrip are perfect for beginners or players making a transition from finger-style play to selection. The picks have a regular shape but come with a creative surface for the handle.

I am truly in love with it’s a signed board, which means it can stay in time better. The selected substance is Duralin. If you don’t know, this material has a good rating of abrasion resistance, making it suitable for playing on thick bass guitar strings.

Picks are available in 10, 25, and even 100 bags. Both soft gauges and super heavy gauges are suitable for bass music. Since strong picks deliver a little more variety

Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks

best bass guitar picks

Next up, we have Donner Celluloid Guitar Picks from the Donner brand which is famous for being one of the industry’s two holiest labels named after Leo Fender – the man credited with the invention of the modern solid-body guitar. These guitar picks came in 16-piece packaging that included both size and thickness such as thin, medium, hard, and extra hard gauge. So that’s multirole guitar picks and more flexible as well as being able to apply and produce a lot of sounds. Comes in the form or size of special design and norm. Multi-color mix and all that comes with these picks conveniently fit in small cases.

Comes in about 8 different colors or patterns in variety for quick recognition. Includes thickness gauge (0.46 mm), medium (0.71 mm), heavy (0.96 mm), super heavy (1.2 mm). It delivers a natural feeling and soft, fat sound.

The quiet smooth and less sticky top surface so you can play guitar with it easily. It comes with a rounded form pocket-size box that clicks quickly to open.

Dunlop Tortex Sharp Picks

best bass guitar picks

One great addition to this list is the Dunlop Tortex Sharp Picks. At first look I surely did not consider buying these as bass picks until I was suggested by a fellow bassist. Dunlop Sharp picks are normally popular with guitarists looking to play extremely quickly. You’re probably going to see lots of heavy metal guys using them. That being said, bass guitarists soon embraced these because they allow the larger bass strings to pick accurately. Because of the incredibly pointy tip, they also encourage the bass player to play much quicker.

 A nice benefit you get from these picks is they retain their memories exceptionally well. That’s hard to describe, so check them out and see for yourself is best. As normal with the Tortex collection, these are seen as pictured below available in all their gauges. The sharp black and white picks are perfect for bass guitar since they are the thickest at 1.35 and 1.5 respectively.

Fender 346 Shape Classic Celluloid Picks

best bass guitar picks

The biggest plus point which helps this Fender 346 Shape Classic Celluloid Picks to appear in this best bass guitar picks list is related to its unexpectedly cheap price. The lineup of Fender 346 consists of three picks-slim, medium, and strong. I suggest a heavy model because it increases longevity when playing thick bass strings.

Although the picks don’t have so many unique features in terms of grip or texture, there are other advantages to the celluloid style. Compared to most new pick designs it provides a classic feel and a much cleaner striking surface.

Moreover, the picks are a little more versatile than you’d expect, even at higher gauges. I like the picks, too, encouraging fast attack and warm language. I assume this makes them more flexible and appropriate for use in different genres. The picks are also priced very well and come in regular 12-packs. Each of these sets, unless you are playing extra-thick strings, can last a very long time.

Dunlop 445P3.0 Nylon Big Stubby

best bass guitar picks

It is apparent that a lot of Dunlop picks we have entered. This is because Dunlop is becoming one of the world’s largest plectrum-production brands. Simply put, you can rely on their picks to offer a special bass play experience.

This is another one that spawned our runner-up in the Stubby line of choices. Although these are not triangular and quite daunting like that one, these are smooth and full-feeling picks that are great for those wanting to get a jazzy sound from their electric bass guitar.

I usually find it enjoyable that the inclusion of the “Big Stubby” logo to begin with. It’s this emblem that is really supplying this collection of picks with a special compelling experience.

When you play with these picks it really sounds special and I find them to be great for basses with more than just the usual four strings.

In the body of this pick is an indentation that helps bassists and frequent guitarists alike to hold the pick tightly.

I do believe that this indentation is very helpful, not because it allowed me to prevent losing my pick, but because it allowed me to stop picking slippage, which is the propensity of my sweaty hands to move my hands steadily towards the pick tip while I play.

These often have a fairly smooth surface around the indentation, which is pretty cool to the touch. I would recommend these to someone who is looking for a thicker pick to get the best energy and movement out of their thicker bass strings.

ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE Sampler Guitar Picks

best bass guitar picks

If you are easily attracted by the vivid colors, this ChromaCast CC-SAMPLE Sampler Guitar Picks surely will be on the top of your list.

  There are 12 pieces with large body and rounded tips in these guitar picks. Especially bass made tools provide you with great performance. Less consuming material and high quality to make these picks. All picks have different colors that let you identify your usage.

The ChromaCast pick sampler delivers the classic, standard guitar pick shape of the Celluloid and DuraPicks with a comfortable, wide body and rounded tip, which prevents chipping and provides a warm, fat musical tone. This sample includes a range of measurements to help each player find the exact selection that is ideal for his style.

Dunlop Big Stubby Picks

best bass guitar picks

You may want to check out the Dunlop Big Stubby picks if you want to have some additional grip and a way to easily pressure your fingers. They are available in three sizes, 1, 2, and 3 mm. They are strong enough to handle thick bass strings as well as bass guitars with five strings. If you play at the lower level and use thicker strings, you may also use them.

The indented design is what I like about the picks. It is in the center of the pick and makes it extremely comfortable to grab between your thumb and index finger. The picks are also affordable, particularly as they are available in packs of 6 or 24.

Not all of them are a fan of brilliant picks, of course, so it could be a disadvantage to some people. The same is true of rigidity. The 3 mm pick is especially rigid and will not match all styles and techniques.

Dunlop 8011 Felt Picks

best bass guitar picks

Even though the Felt pick is amongst the least known. But followed by a fairly loyal niche. These Felt Picks are usually used in ukulele, but if the bass is performed the sound is flat and smooth, which makes no noise. It was my delight to discover these picks from the felt bass. Unlike most other plastic picks that are usually on the noisy side. Another great thing that we need to know about those bass guitar picks is that they don’t slip out of their fingers and feel soft to hold.

Pick Geek TRIO

best bass guitar picks

It is generally believed by many people that 13 is represented for bad things but ironically this Pick Geek TRIO  is one of the best bass guitar picks. This is a very versatile guitar selection and offers good electric, acoustic, and bass guitar performance. For better size identification it comes in 3 types of boxes so boxes contain X Heavy, Heavy, Medium, and Light. The metal made pocket-size box allows you to pick more protection and stack safely. All picks come in different colors or designs.

For better guitar maintenance, the company provides you with all picks in different thickness levels. Each box includes a jazz set, packaged in a lovely, Free Kraft cylinder box, with 5 different shapes + 2 steel picks +.

The selections are made from high-quality materials such as Celluloid & Delrin (Tortex). I highly recommend any guitar or bass player to ensure full satisfaction when purchasing this.

ChromaCast CC-GF-H Guitar Freak 1.2mm Picks

best bass guitar picks

Visually stunning is what I thought when looking to this ChromaCast CC-GF-H Guitar Freak 1.2mm Picks. These picks are available in 4 sizes. However, for serious bass players, I only recommend a heavy model.

Whether you play in standard tuning or lower, that doesn’t matter. The 1.2 mm heavy model is durable and well resistant to chipping on rounded edges. Even on the bigger, smaller strings.

The overall design promotes a smooth playstyle and makes the bass sound easier. You will not hear bright noises of contact even if the tip of the pick is sharp and round.

I am in love with how hard they are, although the picks are only 1.3 mm thick. This demonstrates that the picks are durable and are able to withstand lengthy playouts. If you need choices to play live or to just practice, a 10-pack Guitar Freak is an outstanding item.

Dunlop 473P3.0 Tri Stubby

best bass guitar picks

The final product on our best bass guitar picks list is the  Dunlop 473P3.0 Tri Stubby. This is a pick from a company with an iconic name, in particular in the instrument business, in the guitar industry.

First of all, the Tri Stubby feels extremely thick and feels great while playing bass. Thicker and lighter selection produces a more sound so that’s a great bass selection for blues, rock, and even pop.

This is a selection in triangle form that lets you use three identical arms to strum. This feature is really nice to play quickly without finding the chosen edge between sets.

It is made from a Lexan plastic, which is highly durable and very flexible when used on the bass fretboard.

The inside surfaces are also so structured that this selection inadvertently is very difficult to drop. Every tip also gets a relatively sharp spot so that your string attacks have a lot of extra pop, perfect for a punchy bassline.

How To Choose The Best Bass Guitar Picks

We both agree that picks are a very optional bass guitar product but there are plenty of great possibilities to choose from which to improve your playback. Let us examine first some of the materials containing a standard plectrum or selection.

Initially, Let’s take a look at some of the materials that make up the best bass guitar picks


best bass guitar picks

Normally, when it comes to picking composition, there has been a wide variety of choices of materials. At one point, tortoiseshell, tusk, or even bone picks came in.

These picks are very rare these days but by their unique tone and feel some guitarists swear to this day. If you come across these types of picks, tread lightly because ivory picks are highly illegal, as you might expect.

Aside from those old-school choices, there are several materials used today that are relatively easy to get through. Here is their list:


Metal picks may sound as if you used the types of picks for heavy metal, but it’s actually much more versatile.

In terms of bass string maintenance, Metal Bass picks are also some of the most destructive; therefore, they have become very used to.

These picks are a very narrow attack and can actually act as a fret if you strike strings somehow. You tend to be unbelievably small and just won’t bend when you play.

While metal selects certainly feel unique, your strings will surely wear out quickly if you lose this select-like bend, you expect to change them in more regular intervals, However, some bassists find that the price to pay is small.

Best Bass Guitar Picks


If you’re an acoustic bass player, this kind of pick may be just what you’re looking for. As you may suspect, picks made of wood feel very natural and warm.

These are the most silent picking options, which is why they are so useful for bass acoustics. These picks also have a very warm tone and are more rounded than there are many other types of picks out.


You are once probably thinking of a celluloid pick when you think about a guitar pick. These picks are famous when you use them to strum your bass strings, for their crisp and bright attack. Personally, when I play my six-string bass I prefer a celluloid pick just because of the sound that it helps to generate on my bass amp.

Celluloid feels smooth and looks bright, contributing a great deal of pick noise to your strums. As a result, whether you’re playing bridge-side, middle, or neck-side, you’re going to know you’re picking celluloid.

Incredibly, picks from celluloid have been in production since the 1850s. Also, the material itself, which is a plastic derivative, became famous because it was made from an old-time film.

It’s the common structure that serves as a downside for celluloid picks; they’re flammable, sadly. Besides, celluloid picks will quickly decompose.


Delrin is a kind of DuPont-made plastic. Delrin is made of resin made from acetal and is very durable. This material from Delrin has a high degree of flex endurance, so you can play with confidence without fear of snapping the pick.

When I was doing my pick research, I found that I liked Delrin’s overall grip; it just seems as if it would be very difficult to drop a Delrin pick accidentally while playing.

best bass guitar picks


Plastic picks are today the most common types of picks available on the market. Almost every musician has used a sort of plastic selection, and this pick is the most versatile and easiest to use in general.


For many bass players today, this is becoming a popular choice. Dragon’s Heart guitar picks are made of graphite, which contains some picks of stone.

Stone materials such as these give a deeper grip and are extremely resonant when you strum.


Nylon is an incredibly flexible selection material that is perfect for quick bass.

In fact, on my electric guitar, I loved it because nylon makes tremolos really easier to me. On a bass, nylon is also a quite silent selection that helps you play quickly a bassline.This material is believed to be able to make the best bass guitar picks

The Thickness of Your Pick

A thicker pick will of course handle the bass strings better. But how thick do you think it? Lots of players stick to the picks 1.14 mm or 1.2 mm. These picks are still thicker than heavy gauge guitar picks but not too large.

But in some cases, it makes more sense to have a thicker gauge. Your bass pick can go as high as 3 mm. This gage is great to chug, play in lower tunings, etc. For even acoustic bass I personally prefer 1.2 to 1.5 mm picks.

That said, note that the less flexibility it has the thicker the picker. So if you’re not familiar with a stiffer style of playing, you might want to start with a smaller gauge and work up your way.

Pick that allows you to exercise the greatest

best bass guitar picks

No matter what your band or style of play, you should find the right choice to ensure that the entire fretboard is kept accurate, precise, and controlled. Perhaps the best pick for you isn’t one for your favorite genre.

But then again, not all playing the same way. That’s why I suggest you sample more than one type of pick before you decide. As you can see, if you want to make the transition to picking the bass strings, the picks in this article are not only good and unique in their own way, but also very affordable.

=>   These are only a few of the features you should take into account when looking for the best bass guitar picks on the market. However, it should be noted that it depends on the preference of the bass guitar player who uses it to choose the bass guitar.

As previously noted, choosing a bass guitar pick is a preferred matter, but there are some things that make play much easier objectively. A bigger, thicker selection than a little flimsy pick is the way forward and during the article, I provided a few good examples, including the best bass guitar picks I think.

These electrons will provide you with much control of each stroke, which helps you play quickly. Therefore, you won’t need to buy two different sets of picks if you play guitar and bass alike.

Final Thoughts of Best Bass Guitar Picks

Pick Geek TRIO

Fender 346 Shape Classic Celluloid Picks

Dunlop Big Stubby Picks

best bass guitar picks best bass guitar picks best bass guitar picks

Best quality

Best price

Best for speed player

If you’re on the hunt for best bass guitar picks or you’re likely to be the first time buyer or still consider what’s the best to purchase, all have been represented in this post with our 100% enthusiasm.

After reading this article, I hope you can find the most suitable bass guitar pick. Whatever pick you choose, be sure to test it with your bass guitar before you use it. A selection greatly improves your performance so that you want to make sure you select a quality one.

It can be fun to experiment with different things, and there are no rules to commit yourself to just one pick. You may find a few you really enjoy, but you will end up finding one that feels good.  

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best bass guitar picks at the comment box below!

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