Top 15 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000 Reviews in 2020: Perfect Guitars With Fair Prices

Today, there are numerous acoustic guitars available in the market with the diversity of brands, sizes, shapes, etc. and especially, prices. However, every coin has two faces, some acoustic guitars have high-end features and cost an arm and a leg, while others have more reasonable prices. If you are in doubt and searching for the best acoustic guitar under 1000, the secret is here!

We decided to try our best to do our research and get the job done for you. We know that not everyone has millions of dollars to spend so helping you find out the best acoustic guitar under 1000 is our goal. With the millions of different options, it might be difficult to find the best acoustic guitar. However, this list of the top 15 best acoustic guitars reviews from Carroll / Fletcher is made for you and it will surely help you. Let’s check it out!

best acoustic guitar under 1000 Comparison 2020

Taylor Academy Series Academy 12e-N

Yamaha CSF3M

Epiphone EJ-200 SCE

best acoustic guitar under 1000 best acoustic guitar under 1000 best acoustic guitar under 1000

best for beginner

best for fingerstyle

best for professional

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Top best acoustic guitar under 1000 Reviews 2020

Taylor 114ce 100 Series

This guitar is a part of the Taylor’s 100 series of acoustic guitars It has laminate Sapele back and sides, which makes this guitar warmer than its older brother in the 200 series. Also because of the Grand Auditorium shape, it brings a nice balanced tone and a good middle ground between responding to a light touch but also being quite loud if you really strum it hard. Made with spruce and walnut, two woods that are famous for producing beautiful tones. Its design is perfect for people who look for a wonderfully crafted original.

With a thin neck & fretboard, it’s easy to transition from string to string, or chord to chord, which makes this guitar an excellent choice for people looking to finger pick their strings.

This guitar is most suitable for people who tend to play diverse styles – fingerstyle, strumming and flat-picking. It is usually used for an intermediate to advanced level player rather than beginners. This guitar is one of the best acoustic guitar under 1000 in this list!

Fender Redondo Classic

Fender is famous for electric guitars and amplifiers. However, today, they produce acoustic guitars and take steps lately to up the match. The new Fender Redondo Classic review here proves that fact. 

The Redondo Classic has the largest bodied in the California Classic lineup. There is a cutaway on the treble side in the body, which helps improve the assessment to the highest frets. This guitar is available in two colors – Hot Rod Red Metallic and Cosmic Turquoise.

The Redondo Classic uses solid wood- in addition to the solid sitka spruce top, and the solid mahogany in the back and the sides.

Taylor Academy Series Academy 12e-N

The guitar, which comes in second place in the list of the best acoustic guitar under 1000, is Taylor Academy Series Academy 12e-N. If you are a newcomer and looking for the first guitar for yourself, this guitar is made for you. With the nylon string, this guitar made you feel easier to play than using the steel string. Especially, the smallest full-scale body shape and the contoured armrest bring you the feeling of comfort. 

Although it’s easy to play, the sound is still bright and so lively. You could use this guitar on stage with all kinds of jazz, and classical styles. This guitar proves what Taylor believes: ‘a player who is just beginning deserves the best-playing guitar’..

Epiphone EJ-200 SCE

The sound of the Epiphone EJ-200 SCE is so warm and balanced that newcomers may be surprised. It’s pretty punchy and the low end is sweet and massive. The electro side is the greatness of this guitar.

With the Historic Jumbo-200 style design, this guitar looks classical and historic instead of being modern. In addition, a solid spruce top makes this guitar more special. The plug-in sounds so lively, which is a perfect mixture between warmth and attack. No matter if you are a busker or play unplugged gigs, this guitar will be totally useful for you.

In addition, it will even sound better the more you play it. Just like its look, the sound is worth more than its cost. . With the price between $450 and $550, compared with its brother, that’s a very reasonable price.

Epiphones are an ideal choice in the list of the best acoustic guitar under 1000, it’s a shining example. The rich tone, perfect looks, and fancy electronics make it worth buying! If you think that cheap acoustics sound bad, then the EJ200 might change your mind.

Yamaha CSF3M

You will really be impressed with the beauty and the quality of Yamaha CSF3M.This guitar has a special design and idea size for you to use both at home and away. Because of the parlor size body with an attractive natural gloss finish, it has a simple, elegant and vintage beauty. 

People use Sitka spruce to make the top and use solid mahogany to make the side and the back, which makes the sound resonant.  Like many other guitars of Yamaha, this guitar has scalloped bracing to produce a “louder, richer acoustic sound”. The 105mm depth of body is deeper than other guitars.

One of the best features of this guitar is its comfort and therefore it’s easy to play. As a newcomer, this guitar is ideal because of the parlor-sized body and lightweight. The neck is special too, it gives the players a smooth and comfortable feeling while playing it.

The rich bottom end makes the voice strong, which is suitable for fingerstyle bass notes. The performance and design make this guitar have a niche concept, which is the top-notch of this guitar. This guitar is worth for the name “ the best acoustic guitar under 1000 in 2020”

Fender Paramount PM-1E

If you like dreadnought shaped guitars and like the warm “woody” tone of a Mahogany guitar, this is the best choice. This guitar from Fender has the rosewood back and sides. This version of the paramount models surely gives you special experience. 

The system is both classy and functional full-shouldered C-shape neck; its sound is light and resonant. The fast tuner, plenty of range are offered by the bass and treble EQs; which makes this guitar can be handy on stage.

Fender Newporter Player

Fender Newporter Player is the next option in this list of the best acoustic guitar under 1000, which is expected to have premium features and excellent sound quality from a pricey guitar.It’s fully-painted gloss metallic solid Spruce top so it can look whitish, tan or champagne. No matter what colors it is, it is also very appealing. 

This guitar is suitable for seasoned acoustic players, which helps you get a killer tone, clear and powerful voice. The sound is superior resonance because the optimized binding reduces the mass. You can bring it to the coffee shop or play at home. It is a perfect on-the-go travel guitar and suitable for electric players who want to switch to acoustic.

With medium-sized guitar design and a cutaway body style, you can easily play up and down the neck. Just one look at this guitar, you will not discover that the neck is the different-maker. Although it is not directly affecting the sound, it plays an important role in how the strings feel. The neck is the major selling point of this guitar, it makes this guitar playable for amateurs and electric guitarists.

It uses the bronze acoustic strings, so you need a respectable finger strength to pull off some chords. A vintage “C”-shaped carve makes the Fender Newporter Player perfectly fit your hand. It has a rounded treble-side cutaway body with auditorium body type and has a shallower body than a dreadnought.

For people who are playing electric guitars, you don’t need to take time adjusting to playing this one. It’s really easy to surf up and down the fretboard, when you strum or finger pick. The back and sides are made of mahogany, with 6-in-line matching headstock and crème binding. The way Fender designs and packs this guitar with great features. You’ll not find another guitar as unique and acoustically amazing as this.

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Tonare T40E

Since 2011, PRS is famous for a large department to not only create great acoustic guitars but also innovating our thinking about the acoustic guitar. By going past and looking at some of the oldest acoustic guitars to know what the best of the guitars are making today, they have created a few innovations but that make an incredible guitar. 

They have created the guitars with the combination of woods, shape, bracing and electronics to come up with what they think is the best acoustic they can make at a price most people can afford. This guitar is made with the Ovangkol back and sides along with the top made with the Sitka Spruce, you get a Rosewood special sound with a strong midrange and bright overtones that you can not find in a wood like Mahogany.

The shape of this guitar provides a comfortable for player and suitable for both playing with a pick or fingerstyle. Traditional ‘X’ allows the top to vibrate more freely, and a lively tone. In addition, a solid mid sized body that is not so large that it is uncomfortable and not so small. Therefore, you will get a full sound when you start strumming Acoustic back and side wood choices determine the basic tone of this guitar. Its voice is largely formed when the body shape and bracing style are matched.

The PRS T40E is an astonishing acoustic built on all of what PRS have learned since they started making acoustic guitars back in 2011. Using Ovangkol back and sides with a Sitka Spruce top this is a great all round guitar which is a great all rounder if you don’t have a particular style or sound. It is worth being the best acoustic guitar under 1000!

Martin Road Series 000-10E

With the very affordable and beautifully solid-wood designed 000-10E Road Series, which makes this guitar look unique. It features a solid all-sapele body, full tone. Built with sapele and equipped with Fishman MX-T electronics, it’s a perfect blend of volume and balance.  Besides, this guitar is ideal for both fingerstyle and flatpicking because of a select hardwood neck with Richlite fingerboard .

In Spite of their different body style, these guitars still have something similar to other guitars, such as their satin-finish select hardwood necks. This brand was one of the first company to experiment with responsibly sourced materials on guitars.

First introduced in the 1920s, Auditorium-body acoustics earned a reputation as famous fingerpicking guitars. Big, first-position chords sound amazing. This guitar is Road-ready to join you on all of the adventures because of a Premium Soft Shell Case.

Ibanez AE275BT

First of all, this guitar has a solid Sitka spruce top that sits astride ovangkol back and sides. In any case, this guitar is a looker. We find another possibly unfamiliar contender in the neck, Nyatoh, which is a fully sustainable rainforest wood, similar to cherry, native to southeast Asia. It’s not a loud instrument, but it has good balance with the low- and high-ends. 

If you’re a recording singer/songwriter, this guitar is made for you. Players at Sweetwater especially appreciate the AE275BT’s carefully rounded fretboard edges, which enhance the neck’s smooth and fast feel. Complete with a custom electronics package for excellent plugged-in performance, this guitar is a wonderful performer.

Reviewing new acoustics comes with a caveat. We’re encountering an instrument in its infancy, so we have to judge what it is now, not what it will become. To be fair, Martin has done everything possible to futureproof the tone here. Solid woods make all the difference. Thanks to experience and precedence, we can assume this guitar will grow old gracefully. As it stands, it’s off to a great start. 

Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Tennessee Red

Not everyone knows Art & Lutherie, but for familiarity’s sake, the company is a division of Godin Guitars. You get what appears to be a boutique instrument at a more-than-budget price. Art & Lutherie is a sub-brand of Godin Guitars, which is famous for its electric guitars. This parlor model cuts straight to the chase and the design takes you back in time to where you might have needed the clothes on your back and this instrument for company.

The original version of Art & Lutherie Roadhouse Tennessee Red was electro-acoustic, featuring the Fishman Sonitone Preamp system. The back and sides are a rich crimson. This kind of wood is hard and durable – used a lot for veneers and furniture.

This guitar is one of the best budget guitars of 2017. If you don’t like the red, there’s a bourbon burst or faded black to choose. In addition, it comes with a lightweight soft gig bag. John Lee Hooker said that: “The kind of guitar I want to play is mean, mean licks ‘.

Seagull S6

This guitar was handmade in Canada, which makes it even more unique and the assurance of a well-built instrument when compared with mass-produced guitars from China.

A tapered headstock helps this guitar stay in tune without causing string damage. This guitar has a wide variety of colors available that gives you the customizable choice. Seagull is always a famous brand for producing excellent craftsmanship. If you see Seagull S6, you knew it was going to be an amazing work of art!

This guitar may be too bright for some, as open chords sound a bit chimney. However, it also has the thick sounds that accent the root notes. Seagull is one of the most unique guitars in this list because of the excellent craftsmanship. With these awesome features, one of the best acoustic guitar under 1000 is here!

Taylor 214ce 200 Series

The Taylor 214ce has a nice look although it looks very simple. The 214ce is definitely not cheap and not for beginners. Plug-and-play electronics make this instrument ready to take from bedroom to rehearsal room to stage.

This guitar is very smooth and slick because of the satin finish. In addition, it brings people the feeling of comfort because of its swallow. With solid Sitka spruce, it becomes incredibly durable and has a beautiful sound. Besides, batteries are included to produce higher volume of audio output.

All up, it’s suitable for players with any number of playing styles.

Martin LX1E

If you like a small guitar or you want to bring the guitar outside or travelling, Martin LX1E is perfectly your style. Take it to the beach in the summer and have an awesome jam session, or bring it to an airport when you travel. Nothing’s better than that!Although this guitar is smaller than an “average” guitar, the sound is not small at all. It’s a small guitar with a big sound. This guitar is so lovely and so good to beat.The Fishman Sonitone Electronics keeps this guitar in the modern age. The fact that Ed Sheeran owns it so it means it’s pretty good! Don’t hesitate to buy this guitar- one of the best acoustic guitar under 1000, it won’t make you disappointed.

Blueridge BR-163CE

Coming in last place in this list of the best acoustic guitar under 1000  is Blueridge BR-163CE is a pioneer in combining American designs and Chinese manufacturing. Sage Music’s Blueridge brand has widespread success and this guitar is a mark of the reason why this company is famous for its ability to offer guitars with great sound and affordable prices. 

With the Indian rosewood back and sides, this guitar has rich chocolate hues. With a rounded shape, the guitar feels more modern than vintage. The sound is big and rich, with strong range and fat trebles. Played softly, it displayed great detail. It looks like the most vintage-sounding instrument in our roundup because of its tonal complexity.

Things to consider to buy the best acoustic guitar

Learning to play the acoustic guitar is one of the most interesting experiences. Especially nowadays, when people can access thousands of guitar lessons and video tutorials on the Internet. However, it is paradoxical that  nearly 90% of amateurs give up learning guitars after one month because of choosing the wrong acoustic guitars from the beginning.  Whether you are a newcomer or a professional player, selecting the guitar that is suitable for your level and your budget is always essential.

best acoustic guitar under 1000

The good news is that we will not let you do it alone. We did not want to put you in a mess of thousands of low-quality acoustic guitars. You might feel that you are playing a gamble if you are buying one without knowing anything about that. And we do not want you to feel that way. 

People can choose a guitar in many stores but not all of us know how to choose a good-quality guitar that is suitable for ourselves. Therefore, it’s important to consider many factors when it comes to choosing the acoustic guitar, keep reading to know what factors they are.


First of all, what you need to do is determine the reason why you buy the acoustic guitar. Some people say that this question is redundant but it’s really necessary because you will not know which guitar is suitable for you until you know its purpose.

best acoustic guitar under 1000

If you are an amateur and want to buy a guitar to learn at home, the guitar is totally different from the one used for performances and on-stage.


You need to take the guitar’s material when buying a guitar. The material of the guitar used for accompaniment is different from the one used for the classical guitars. 

unnamed 5

If you want to accompany, the guitar with light yellow color, thick wood grain and lightweight is made for you. The lightweight and thick wood make the sound louder and resonant in the high notes and smoother in the low notes.

In case you choose a classical acoustic guitar. You should choose the guitar with a deep yellow color, extended vein, which gives you the warm and thick sound.

Knowing guitar parts

Studying the different parts of a guitar helps you know which type of styles best fit for you.

The neck of the guitar is the thing you need to look at first. There are three major shapes, which are C-shape neck (rounded neck), V-shape neck (the pointed edge down the middle) and U-shape neck (a square-ish shape with rounded corners).

In addition, you need to look at the fretboard. It comes in different wood materials, and it affects the guitar’s sounds. Fret sizes are necessary too, if you have small hands, a jumbo fret size is not for you.

Body sizes and Styles

best acoustic guitar under 1000

The shape and the size of the body play an important role in how it sounds. While there are many guitar body styles you can choose. If you are playing with other people unamplified, the dreadnought is a good selection because of its loud sound, projection and bass. The OM and Triple O guitars have the smaller size compared to the dreadknots, so it is suitable for picking style.

Strings and Calluses

One of the important factors is that you must choose the guitar strings. There are two guitar string options for you: nylon or steel.

Most beginners recommend the nylon-stringed acoustic guitar because they are less demanding to play; whereas, the steel strings sound louder but it can cause calluses in the long term.

Video: Acoustic guitar buying guide

Conclusion best acoustic guitar under 1000 Top Pick For The Best

Acoustic guitars are the one of the most popular instruments in the world, with more and more people choosing to play guitar every day. The unfortunate part is that they get forgotten and given up on so quickly because people end up buying the wrong brands and models.

Choosing the best acoustic guitar is an exciting experience. A good guitar is not only a guitar, but also a friend that goes with you during the time you play it. If it suits you, it will make you feel comfortable when playing it, the sound is also awesome, instead of hurting your hands with calluses.

Base on our experience, we’ve picked out 3 top picks for the best acoustic guitar under 1000 for you, hope that it will be helpful for you:

Taylor Academy Series Academy 12e-N

Yamaha CSF3M

Epiphone EJ-200 SCE

best acoustic guitar under 1000 best acoustic guitar under 1000 best acoustic guitar under 1000

best for beginner

best for fingerstyle

best for professional

Although everyone has different reasons and opinions on certain products, we hope this post is helpful and gives you suggestions about how to pick the best acoustic guitar under 1000 for yourself!

Do you love any items above? Or do you have any suggestions for us? Tell us in the comment section below!

  • Don’t forget to share your thoughts about best acoustic guitar under 1000 at the comment box below!

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