Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100 In 2020 For Tight Budget Guitar Players

If you are on a tight spending plan but still want to get the best acoustic guitar under 100 to fulfill your music-loving, BreatheCaroline here has made a list of the top 15 best acoustic guitars under 100 for you to choose from.

These acoustic guitars under a hundred dollar esteem unassumingly display the fundamental searched after characteristics and attributes to consider while deciding for a learner guitar. They are tastefully satisfying regardless simply like some other guitars available and produce a tolerable sound quality that one can as of now and audience members also would be admired. These guitars have the playability that can empower a learner to become familiar with the guitar quickly. 

The most interesting thing about these guitars is its affordable price range making them perfect for learners or those with a spending plan. Modest or reasonable acoustic guitars may not be the most elite, yet it doesn't imply that they are awful sounding, unplayable, and in low quality. 

We hope you can pick your best acoustic guitars under 100 after reading our article, a brief table of some acoustic guitars, and a buying guide below.

** Below, you will find our detailed reviews of the Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Detailed Reviews Of Top Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100

best acoustic guitar under 100

Martin Smith W-101 is one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 with lovely design and excellent features. It has 39 inches scale making it a small and thin body steel-string guitar. Since its body is slim and small, this guitar is suitable for many guitar players, for example, young children and even new learners with small hands. Apart from that, this guitar is famous for its affordable price range. Even though it costs under 100 dollars, it is still designed with numerous fantastic features making it one of the best acoustic guitars under 100.

This W-1010 comes with a combination of multi-layered on the top, back and sides, and various shading gets done with a clam rosette decorated and ensured by a pickguard. This acoustic guitar features a neck up to the spindle head created utilizing a strong wood and 20 frets fingerboard with dab trims. This solid wood also comes with a repaid plastic seat, plastic nut, and set of chrome tuners. This acoustic guitar also has much equipment on the bundle including a lot of substitution strings, cut on the tuner, guitar tie, and guitar plectrums.

Overall, Martin Smith W-101 is well-deserved as one of the best acoustic guitars under 100. So if you are looking for an acoustic guitar that costs less than 100 dollars but still has outstanding highlights, then we highly recommend you get this one.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Kona K391 Parlor is another best acoustic guitar under 100 that may meet your needs. It features a small size and a thin body making it one of the best guitars under 100 for those with smaller hands or who begin learning how to play the guitar. This K391 is proven as having various perfect features, including well-crafted, magnificent sounding, and reasonably priced range.

This K391 Parlor comes equipped with a tidy soundboard in nectar burst completion and basswood on the back and sides which help it produce warm and smooth tones. It also includes a solid wood and C-shape neck combined with a 20-fret fingerboard for having great playability over the entire length of the neck. At that point, to keep it in impeccable pitch, this acoustic guitar has a repaid plastic seat extension, plastic nut, and set of chrome encased tuners.

Overall, with beautiful looks and features, this K391 Parlor is among the best acoustic guitars under 100. If you want to get a guitar with a unique look, then you should take a closer look at this one.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Martin Smith W-401 is another best acoustic guitar under 100 from the Martin Smith brand like the W-101 mentioned above. This W-401E acoustic guitar has 40 inches with a solitary cutaway to handily arrive at the higher frets. It also has an on-board detached get for an intensified encounter delivered on a reasonably priced acoustic guitar. This acoustic guitar comes with basswood on the top, back and sides combined with various polished shiny completion, including white, black, and red. It also features a thin C-shape neck with two ways bracket pole and a 21-fret finish with trim spots. 

Moreover, this acoustic guitar is well-known as an excellent choice for those who begin learning to play the guitar. Indeed, a new learner can easily play it by just plugging in an amp or playing the guitar on a mic. At the point when it goes down on performance, it has the fundamental searched after characteristics on a guitar at this level concerning sound quality, playability, and assembly. 

One more thing that we shouldn’t overlook is that this guitar incorporates an additional arrangement of strings, a guitar tie, link, two arrangements of Allen wrench for calibrating the guitar. It also has plectrums, a plastic seat and plastic nut on hardwood, and a system to plug into a speaker easily and straight forward.

Overall, Martin Smith W-401 is amongst the best acoustic guitars under 100 with an incredible shape, design, and features. If you are finding an affordable acoustic guitar to begin learning to play with, you should consider this one.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Arcadia DL41 Dreadnought is one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 on our list which will make guitar players with a spending plan feel excited. This guitar remembered for the pack is a battleship acoustic guitar that has three hues in particular common, dark, and sunburst. 

This acoustic guitar has a combination of a smooth hand-sanded C-shape mahogany neck and a 20 fret rosewood fingerboard complete with a completely customizable expert style twofold activity bracket bar. The top is produced using tidy with linden back and sides collected all together utilizing cream authoritative. 

Moreover, Arcadia DL41 likewise offers various scales such as 36 and 38 inches for new learners searching for a littler adaptation of this acoustic guitar. The entirety of the bundle accompanies a clasp on tuner, gig pack, guitar lash, picks, the additional arrangement of strings, a harmony diagram, and a learning guide.

Overall, Arcadia DL41 is well worth being one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 in the guitar producing marketplace. If you want to find a guitar to begin playing with, then you shouldn’t overlook this one.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Artall Dreadnought Cutaway is another best acoustic guitar under 100 on this list due to its perfect design and features. This Artall guitar bundle contains a 41 inches gunboat acoustic guitar, a gig sack, cut on tuner, additional extra strings, and plectrums for a moderate incredible beginning. 

This 41 inches Artall guitar is famous for the pack has a cutaway basswood body, basswood for the soundboard, back, and sides. It also comes with a C-shape maple neck and a 20-fret recolored maple fingerboard with spots overlay. Moreover, there are some great features including the arrangement of chrome shut apparatus tuners, maple connect with plastic seat, and plastic nut. All these highlights make this guitar produce a fantastic sound and also provide guitar players with a more comfortable feeling when playing it.

Overall, with perfect playability and amazing sound, this Artall Dreadnought Cutaway is one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 that is worth your payment.

best acoustic guitar under 100

This Huntington GA41PS is another best acoustic guitar under 100 with a dreadnought body produced using covered wood top, back, and sides that can flaunt a richer and stronger sound. This acoustic guitar also comes with an agreeable C-shape hardwood neck and a 20-fret fingerboard set apart by white speck decorations. 

GA41PS can produce fair tones and very well justified, despite all the trouble for a section level, dreadnought guitar is amongst the best acoustic guitars under 100 for an amateur to pay for. Besides its great sound, this acoustic guitar has numerous features, including the chrome tuners, hardwood connected with plastic seat and plastic nut, one string winding device, two arrangements of guitar strings, and three bonus guitar alternatives.

Overall, this Huntington GA41PS is proven as being one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 thanks to its excellent features and high-quality sounds.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Rogue RA-090 which is well-known for the best acoustic guitar under 100 is a reasonably priced and incredible decision of a better than average sounding acoustic guitar. It is a full-size guitar which has a white wood for the body, back, and sides with an amazing pinky. These features combined with an agreeable C-shape nato neck, a 20-fret fingerboard with spots overlay, and various shading colors including natural and sunburst.

The most outstanding feature of this acoustic guitar is its general sound quality. Though this RA-090 doesn’t feature an expensive tonewood compared to other best acoustic guitars under 100, it still gives a wonderful and boomy sound when playing it on account of the guitar's battleship body. All these highlights proved the reason for getting a dreadnought guitar to play with.

Overall, Rogue RA-090 is among the best acoustic guitars under 100 compared to other guitars with a dreadnought body. So if you are looking for a dreadnought guitar, we recommend you try out this one.

best acoustic guitar under 100

The Jasmine S35 acoustic guitar is another all-around suggested acoustic guitar for new learners in our list. It features a tidy top and a genus Agathis back and sides. This guitar also has a beautiful combination of a wonderful C-shape nato neck, a 20-fret rosewood fingerboard with white dab trims, and a rosewood connection with a manufactured remunerated seat and engineered nut. 

Among the numerous section level acoustic guitars, the Jasmine S-35 is a perfect one. Besides its affordable price range, this guitar has great sounding and playability making the guitar players feel impressed and excited. S-35 has been explored commonly over the net and getting proceeds with high agreeable evaluations and incredible remarks from guitar specialists, halfway players, and new learners.

Overall, if you are on a tight budget and want to find an acoustic guitar with high sound quality and a great look, we recommend you try out this Jasmine S35 as it is among the best acoustic guitars under 100.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Squier SA-150 is one of the affordable acoustic guitars produced by Fender through their Squier products line. It has a basswood top in regular completion secured by a dark pickguard and has mahogany on the back and sides. This guitar also features a C-shape mahogany neck and a maple recolored 20 frets fingerboard complete with decorated specks. 

The Squier SA-150 is too accessible in a traditional guitar model with an agreeable more extensive neck, opened headstock plan, in-line traditional tuners, and has the nylon strings to play old-style music.

Overall, Squier SA-150 is proven as one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 in the Squier products line. If you are in love with Fender’s instruments and dreadnought guitars, we suggest you take a closer look at this SA-150.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Jameson is one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 with a full-size scale. This delightful guitar accompanies a solitary cutaway which helps you to easily play the upper fretboard, yet it additionally gives a pleasant touch to the structure. It also has a 3 inches thin line body which makes it a wonderful playability guitar.

Moreover, because of its thin line body produced in this low-value classification, it can deliver surprisingly acceptable sound. It has a decent brilliant shining tone. Even though it doesn't have a lot of bass end, there is sufficient bass to make the general sound an enjoyment to tune in to. This Jameson guitar is acoustic-electric and accompanies an underlying pickup with volume and tone control. 

Overall, if you want to find a full-size acoustic guitar that produces perfect sound with a brilliant tone, then you should consider this Jameson.

best acoustic guitar under 100

The Ashthorpe is another full-size acoustic guitar with a 41inches thin line cutaway. One special thing about this guitar is that you can play acoustic without an amp or play electric by connecting it to an acoustic amp. It features a 3 inches thinline body making it agreeable to play. Although this guitar is under 100 dollars, it still has an excellent sound and entirely acceptable playability and action. 

Besides, Ashthorpe also comes with a guitar sack, guitar picks, link, and an additional arrangement of luminophore bronze strings. if the strings are split, you may require the additional strings, yet that will just make this guitar sound more perfect.

Overall, Ashthorpe is proven as one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 with its outstanding features and magnificent sound quality.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Jasmine S34C is another perfect representation made by Jasmine that is perfect for beginners learning to play the guitar for the first time. This guitar has numerous comparative highlights to the S35 above, yet there are additionally prominent contrasts. 

Jasmine S35 is a dreadnought guitar but the S34C has a terrific symphony body style. S34C additionally has a Venetian-style cutaway for simple higher up fret. Similar to the S35, S34C has a tidy top, a nato neck, and a rosewood fingerboard with Pearloid dab decorations. This S34C has a thin neck profile like S35, making the guitar simple and agreeable to play. 

Nonetheless, S34C has a Sapele on the back and sides while it is an Agathis on S35. Sapele is regularly contrasted with mahogany since it is comparative in tone and appearance. But Sapele sounds more brilliant and is more obscure than mahogany. Tidy likewise makes a splendid sound, which implies this S34C has a reasonable and brilliant tone. 

Overall, with this S34C, we’re sure that you will doubtlessly adore its playability, amazing sound, and general quality. This S34C is well worth being one of the best acoustic guitars under 100.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Maestro is among the greatest acoustic guitars made by Gibson. This guitar is designed depending on conventional Gibson Guitar plans so it is still a high-quality guitar despite its low price range. Maestro includes an overlaid tidy top and kauri wood on the back and sides. This guitar additionally has a strong maple neck, a smooth rosewood fingerboard with spot position markers, and white authoritative and gleam finish.

Maestro guitar’s tonewood produces a unique and bright sound with great note partition and support. With its full-size shape, this guitar conveys a sound that can rival other expensive guitars. It keeps tuning admirably, because of the value bite the dust cast tuners. 

Overall, Maestro is well-deserved as one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 due to its amazing sound and design. If you want to get an acoustic guitar with a unique sound and easy to play, you should consider getting this one.

best acoustic guitar under 100

Although Lauren LA125RD is in arrangements of mainstream apprentice guitars, this is a genuine guitar that even expert players can add to their stockpile of acoustics. This guitar is suitable for numerous guitar players, from new learners to intermediate and expert.

Lauren LA125 has an Agathis body, which has the same sound and design as mahogany but more affordable. It has a decent reverberation and is combined with the man of war body style. This guitar has a considerable volume that is magnificent to have in a minimal effort guitar. This guitar features a maple neck and fretboard, which likewise adds to a splendid and lively tone. It additionally has chrome board style tuning machines, nickel frets, dark body authoritative, and a pleasant silk finish. 

Overall, Lauren LA125RD is well worth being one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 on this list thanks to its beautiful design and sound quality.

best acoustic guitar under 100

This well-known AW54OPN from Ibanez is another best acoustic guitar under 100 on this list. It comes with the fabricate and style which are normally the principal things that leap out at you. It includes a mahogany body, with a strong top and rural shading completion.

Moreover, this Ibanez AW54OPN comes equipped with a 20-fret mahogany neck making this acoustic guitar a comfortable and amusing to play with. With a couple of updated segments, this Ibanez includes a boisterous, warm, and woody tone that is appropriate with various styles of music. 

Overall, Ibanez AW54OPN is well worth being one of the best acoustic guitars under 100 with many magnificent features that can fulfill your requirements.

Buying Guide for Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100

Some guitar players would frequently think that it's a test to locate a decent guitar at a value range under 100. Putting resources into a costly instrument may not be practical now, all things considered, you are simply beginning and are not enthusiastic about burning through many dollars on a guitar. Moreover, it might be monetarily unimaginable in any case.

Simultaneously, you don't generally want to get a guitar with awful sounds and hard to play with. Because the speediest method to cause somebody to lose enthusiasm for playing the guitar is providing them with a guitar that feels and seems like irregular pieces of wood stuck together. Here are things you should consider when buying an acoustic guitar for less than 100 dollars.

Size And Style

best acoustic guitar under 100

Acoustic guitars arrive in an assortment of sizes and shapes, from smaller size to exemplary, enormous, and dreadnought. The body style of an acoustic guitar decides its wonderful sound and apparent accentuation. Interesting points are apparent quality versus playing solace. Some acoustic guitar bodies arrive in a solitary cutaway plan or even a twofold cutaway plan which gives a simpler admittance to the upper frets. 


best acoustic guitar under 100

Numerous acoustic guitars accompany pickups and preamplifiers worked in for playing bigger scenes where your acoustic sound needs to occupy the room. A few instruments have preamps mounted in a gap cut in the side of the instrument, while others mount inside the soundhole. Some frameworks join preamplifiers, mouthpiece, pickups, tuners, and other equipment. 


best acoustic guitar under 100

When choosing an acoustic guitar, you should give more effort into picking a neck as it is important to get a guitar suitable for your hands. For the most part, the neck’s thickness and width depend on the body size of the guitars and the number of frets on the neck. Acoustic guitars have many kinds of necks including a 12-fret or a 14-fret on it. It alludes to the number of frets away from the body, not the number of generally speaking.


best acoustic guitar under 100

Pitch decides if the notes play in order as you climb the neck. If the separation between the frets is off, the guitar will be unequipped for playing in order and subsequently futile as a chronicle or execution instrument. 


best acoustic guitar under 100

Significantly, choosing the tonewood will impact on the sound that an acoustic guitar can produce. Various sorts of wood produce various tones, yet most guitar creators accept that the top is the most significant for deciding apparent quality. Tidy is the standard material for tops with Sitka tidy being the most widely recognized. The expense of acoustic guitar increments is drastically dependent on the uncommonness of the tonewoods, for example, rosewood; however, because of diminishing supplies of certain tonewoods, guitar producers are effectively discovering elective materials to make incredible sounding instruments.

Get a guitar case

Some acoustic guitars for new learners come with a delicate gig pack while others don’t. Therefore, you should get one on the off chance that your guitar doesn't accompany a case. A case won't just shield your instrument from scratches, imprints, and scratches yet additionally offer a simple method to convey your guitar. 

best acoustic guitar under 100

If your house encounters consistent changes in stickiness and temperature, we recommend you buy a hardshell case for your guitar. Because it will give a controlled domain giving you likewise get some humidifiers when the air is excessively dry and dehumidifiers when the air is moist. Being presented to changes in dampness and temperature can ruin your guitar, so ensure it with a decent case. Moreover, you need to ensure your guitar fits quite cozy so it doesn't get jarred around for its situation.

Give it a new set of strings

best acoustic guitar under 100

A few strings are new and sound sweet when played while others are corroded and make the guitar sound terrible. On the off chance that your guitar accompanies strings that look stained or potentially are difficult to play, it's prescribed to supplant the strings with another set. 

There are numerous sorts of guitar strings you can browse relying upon measure and covering. For steel-string guitars, it's regularly prescribed to utilize light measure strings in case you're a learner since you won't need to push down on the fretboard when you're framing harmonies. They're additionally simpler on the guitar as there is less pressure on the neck. However, you should try out various strings to consider which one is suitable for you. 

Replace plastic parts

Acoustic guitars with lower price range normally have some plastic parts. Plastic is a material that functions admirably, your guitar can sound greater if you update plastic parts to bone or black lead. Numerous performers have discovered that trading out plastic parts for engineered bone brings about a superior acoustic tone with more support and clearness. 

best acoustic guitar under 100

Moreover, if you are a beginner, it merits taking your instrument for an expert arrangement to ensure your guitar plays and sounds as well as can be expected. You may need to spend on the arrangement of strings, new parts, and work, yet the cost will be justified, despite all the trouble when you get your guitar and it sounds more like a very good quality instrument.

Overall, an inexpensive and high-quality acoustic guitar less than 100 dollars can move you began playing immediately. Notwithstanding, as a guitar proprietor, you will likewise need to ensure your speculation is justified, despite all the trouble. Well, your acoustic guitar probably doesn’t have as great a look or sound as other expensive guitars; however, you can do some enhancements to your guitar to make it sound more incredible.

Final Thoughts of best acoustic guitar under 100

Our Best Choice-Kona K391 Parlor Acoustic Guitar

From all the best acoustic guitars under 100 mentioned above, we finally chose this Kona K391 Parlor as our best guitar. There are many reasons why we pick this acoustic guitar. The first amazing thing about this K391 is its smaller size and thin body. It makes this guitar become a suitable choice for guitar players with smaller hands. Moreover, it is also famous for its unique design. It has a tidy soundboard and basswood back and sides combined with a C-shape neck and 20 frets fingerboard which all help it produce a smooth, warm tone and play easily. One more thing is that this guitar is not only suitable for small hands players but also an excellent choice for beginners. Overall, this Kona K391 is well-deserved as our best acoustic guitar under 100 with well-designed and excellent sound.

On the guitar marketplace, there are numerous best acoustic guitars under 100 with various models that can fulfill different requirements. These guitars can provide an incredible blend of reasonableness, high-quality sound, playability, and great design. Those acoustic guitars we have mentioned above prove that there are still many affordably-priced acoustic guitars that can produce perfect sounds. 

These guitars are less expensive than other guitars available on the market but we just imply that as far as cost, and not of value. However, when considering which guitar is suitable for you, you should examine based on its model, sound, playability, and other capacities. We hope that after reading our article, you can find your best acoustic guitar under 100.

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