Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands In 2020-Which One Is Right For You?

Are you looking for the best acoustic guitar for small hands? If you have small hands, then you need to choose a suitable guitar so you can play it comfortably. The best guitar for you is the one you stay with and are glad to play. If you have little hands, a few guitars can make you feel difficult or even agonizing to play. Therefore, to help you with, BreathCaroline has done a list of 15 best acoustic guitars for small hands for you to consider.

Possibly you’ve attempted to play a few harmonies yet battled to put your fingers in the correct spots. It appears to be practically difficult to extend your fingers into position. Or then again perhaps you feel torment in your grasp when you play and are stressed that your little hands simply aren’t ready. 

Let’s have a look at our list of best acoustic guitar for small hands. We hope you can find one suit you most!

Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands Comparison 2020

Ibanez AEG10II Acoustic-Electric

Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Fender MA-1 Acoustic Guitar

Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar for small hands best acoustic guitar for small hands best acoustic guitar for small hands best acoustic guitar for small hands

best for New learners

best for Young beginners and Experts

best for Young Children

best for Beginners and Experts

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Top Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands Reviews 2020

Takamine GD93CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine GD93CE is known as the best acoustic guitar for small hands which is a great representation of how a mid-level acoustic guitar can rival a large number of the better quality models available. GD93CE has many amazing features making it a great choice for those who are looking for an old-style guitar to begin to play with.

This acoustic guitar has a customary cutaway shape with a strong tidy top alongside layered pecan for the back and sides. Most individuals simply don’t generally give that much consideration to its back. However, you will discover a pecan embed in the outwardly striking center. It also has a wide neck that is developed from mahogany, and it has a fingerboard with a 12 inches span to expand playability and solace. 

Besides its fantastic playability, another triumphant part of the GD93CE is the TK-40D preamplifier framework. This guitar also has a chromatic tuner, a 3 band EQ area, and increased volume controls, a mid shape switch, a step channel, and a segment sidestep change to make it one of the most adaptable acoustic guitars in its class. 

Overall, this GD93CE model from Takamine is a perfect acoustic guitar for short fingers with great playability and beautiful design. This guitar may cost more than a portion of different models, but it is still a good choice for you to consider.

Taylor 114e Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor 114e is outstanding amongst other acoustic guitars for short fingers with a thin neck. It is an extraordinary choice for those searching for customary Taylor tone and quality without the excessively heavy sticker price. 

This 114e highlights a strong Sitka tidy top body alongside utilizing pecans for the back and sides. It also has the Venetian cutaway plan, which will help you approach the upper frets without any problem. This Taylor model comes equipped with a hard rock maple neck, and a genuine midnight fretboard to make its tone considerably greater. It has a short nut width which doesn’t make the neck feel solid and also assists with making the 114ce truly agreeable to play. 

Moreover, the hardware used in this 114e is first-rate. It comes with an ES-2 framework, which puts another wind on the conventional under saddle piezo arrangement found on many old-style electric guitars. It puts the piezo components behind the scaffold rather, permitting a better exchange of the guitar’s normal vibration design. 

Overall, this 114e from Taylor is proven as the best acoustic guitar for small hands that has a magnificent slight neck paying little heed to your playing ability level. Undoubtedly, you aren’t going to wrench out beast performances on a guitar like this, so it might be of minimal utilitarian worth. However, you can’t reject that it looks entirely cool.

Ibanez AEG10II Acoustic-Electric

This Ibanez AEG10II is a passage level acoustic guitar that meets the entirety of the specs for what a decent amateur acoustic guitar provides us. It’s additionally famous for being the best acoustic guitar for small hands due to its shorter neck. 

This Ibanez model comes with a tidy top on the body with a Sapele for the back and sides. A cutaway includes some visual smartness, yet it additionally helps you reach those higher frets easily during those occasions where you need to let your inward unplugged guitar saint out of the crate. It is also available in three completion alternatives, including caramelized burst, shiny dark, and straightforward blue that will be as stifled or as showy as you require to get. 

Moreover, AEG10II also has a flimsy neck and short nut width combined with the general Ibanez neck coincidentally makes for an old-style guitar that has extraordinary playability, particularly at this value range. Finishing things off is the Fishman Sonicore preamplifier framework. It includes a 3 band EQ, a chromatic tuner, and stage control. 

Overall, this AEG10II from Ibanez is well-deserved as on the top best acoustic guitar for small hands. It is an incredible looking guitar with the entirety of the highlights for new learners or even further developed players would need to play.

Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Big Baby Taylor is an extraordinary guitar for those with short fingers, youthful amateurs, or experts that are searching for an acoustic guitar that is reduced for traveling or going on a trip. It might be little, however, it doesn’t imply that Big Baby Taylor isn’t huge in the component division.

There are a large number of similar highlights on this BBT that are on numerous other models from Taylor. This acoustic guitar has a strong Sitka tidy on the top alongside layered pecan on the back and sides. The back is even angled to help include quality. The general body shape is a battleship, however, it is somewhat tinier. 

This Taylor model has a hard rock maple neck and is finished off with a midnight 20 frets fingerboard. It also has a meager neck with a short width at the nut. It is on the lower end of the scale, and numerous players lean toward a more slender design. 

This BBT is certifiably not a short scope guitar, as it has a 25.5 inches scale length that is ordinarily viewed as the common length of an acoustic guitar. This implies that the frets aren’t nearer together as they should be for short scope. 

Overall, this Big Baby Taylor is an incredible decision for guitar players with small hands, beginners to begin learning to play the guitar, or even expert players who want to try a new playing style. Instead of utilizing a mic, it is highly unlikely to enhance it in a live or the studio.

Ovation Celebrity Elite Plus

Ovation has produced a lot of excellent guitars. Their uniqueness is the thing that unquestionably separates them from the pack. With this Celebrity Elite Plus, Ovation has made a strong mid-level model that has made them a perceived brand in the acoustic guitar manufacturing market. 

One of the most fascinating sights you can see on this guitar is the perfectly planned top. This Ovation model had a stitched maple top completed in a clear sparkle blue. The sound openings are additionally nontraditional, with a few little ones situated on the upper session and the cutaway horn as well. 

Similarly, with all Ovation’s guitars, the back is produced using Lyrachord manufactured material, which provides an excellent and amazing tone. It also has a slender neck estimating a short width at the nut. It is additionally produced using nato with a genuine rosewood fingerboard that is molded at the end. 

This Elite Plus offers you 24 frets for the higher strings rather than the customary 20 frets. With everything taken into account, it’s an extraordinary mix of playing solace and tone. It also comes with the OP-4BT preamplifier, a 3 band EQ, an installed tuner, and a low battery pointer.

Overall, Celebrity Elite Plus is among the best acoustic guitars for small hands made by the Ovation brand. It comes with many special and amazing features making it playable for beginners or shorter fingers players.

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic

Seagull S6 Original is another best acoustic guitar for small hands on this list. In case you are looking for an amazing acoustic guitar with a dainty neck that doesn’t have a ton of additional items, this Seagull S6 would be a perfect choice. 

The body on this S6 digresses a piece from most different models on this rundown since it utilizes squeezed cedar for the top rather than tidy. It additionally has cherry wood on the back and sides, which provides a warm apparent outlook with a characterized base end that separates it from other excellent acoustic guitars in its class. 

The silver leaf maple neck may not be as slight as other guitars as it comes in at 1-23/32 inches for the nut width, however, it is exceptionally simple to play with a decent measure of solace. 

There isn’t any sort of hardware on the S6 Original. By and by, that is an element you would miss sincerely since you should have the option to effortlessly enhance your acoustic guitars. To be objective, however, it is a total major issue that is particularly obvious if you just needn’t bother with that sort of adaptability.

Overall, Seagull S6 is an amazing acoustic guitar for players with smaller hands as its playability will make you feel comfortable to play for a long time. 

Ibanez Talman TCY10 Acoustic-Electric

Talman TCY10 from Ibanez is another best acoustic guitar for small hands from Ibanez that adopts an alternate strategy to the acoustic guitar, bringing about a model that has more than a trace of electric guitar impact. 

The twofold cutaway body configuration combined with the moderately more slender body profundity. This makes TCY10 an incredible decision for guitarists that need to get into playing the acoustic and don’t have any desire to surrender that electric guitar feeling. It likewise has a tidy top with mahogany on the back and sides. 

The electric guitar vibe proceeds with the slender mahogany neck and a short nut width that is comparable to the majority of the meager neck models available on the market. A genuine rosewood fretboard and alluring white restricting additionally assists with creating incredible tone and is very simple to play. This TCY10 flaunts an AEQ2T preamplifier framework with a locally available tuner and a 2 band EQ. 

Overall, Talman TCY10 is well worth being an incredible acoustic guitar for players with small hands. What makes the Talman TCY10 significantly more great is the cost. For an acoustic guitar in the spending range, it conveys a strong blend of good looks and usefulness.

Breedlove Discovery Concert CE

Breedlove Discovery Concert CE is an incredible acoustic guitar, which is an all-around made instrument with an amazing look while performing emphatically in the component office. 

For one thing, the utilization of mahogany for the head of an acoustic isn’t normally the best option most guitar makers would make, yet this Discovery Concert CE functions admirably. This Breedlove model had a wonderfully figured strong top with a rich and profound appearance. It also has layered mahogany on the back and sides. 

The neck on this guitar has the more slender nut width making fretting full barre harmonies in the lower positions amazingly simple. It also features a rosewood fingerboard stacked with 20 frets. The Fishman gadgets preamplifier isn’t the most component loaded model they offer, yet it has the products. It has a single tone, volume controls, a tuner, and stage control to help battle input. 

Overall, Discovery Concert CE is well-deserved as the best acoustic guitar for small hands from Breedlove. Great looks are significant, yet they truly don’t mean a lot if the guitar underneath everything isn’t all that it ought to be. That is positively not the situation with this Breedlove model as it has all that a strong and appealing acoustic guitar has.

Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Martin LXM Little Martin is another best acoustic guitar for small hands from this list with its amazing highlights. Regardless of whether you’re as yet a new learner or effectively a professional, this Martin LXM Little Martin is ideal for every guitar player with a musically-slanted heart. 

Consistent with its name, this Little Martin is a convenient acoustic guitar ideal for exploring and travel. It’s the ideal decision for apprentices because of its little body highlights. This Martin model flaunts a wood outside with Micarta fingerboard and connects, alongside a Stratabond changed low-oval neck. 

Fundamentally, this Martin LXM Little Martin is only an altered 0-14 Martin, just with a little size. Additionally claiming Gotoh nickel-plated tuners and Sitka tidy propping, this durable acoustic guitar is both tasteful and useful. Martin LXM Little Martin makes certain to remain for quite a while.

Overall, LXM Little Martin is well worth being the best acoustic guitar for small hands from Martin. It has a great outlook, amazing playability, and excellent sound making it an incredible old-style guitar for players with short fingers.

Fender MA-1 Acoustic Guitar

This MA-1 3/4 is one of the best acoustic guitars for small hands from the Fender brand. In case you are searching for the best acoustic guitar for little hands yet accommodates your spending plan, then this Fender MA-1 3/4 must be your best choice. It’s made particularly for the little hands, so children can likewise move it without an issue. 

MA-1 3/4 is a definitive decision for players searching for an acoustic guitar that could make playing the instrument simpler. Playing this guitar will cause you to feel calm with its agreeable size, glossy silk body and neck, small string scale length, and a rich tone. 

Stuffed with a sack for a simple vehicle, this Fender 3/4 model makes an ideal ally for your journeys. This MA-1 will cause you to understand that you don’t have to dish out a major sum to have a great melodic encounter.

Overall, MA-1 from Fender is proven as a great acoustic guitar for small hands players. It will make guitar players feel excited while having an amazing playing experience. It is likewise a moderate method of experiencing the Fender quality. It’s little yet its tone is great. You can likewise advantageously utilize it as a movement guitar.

Yamaha APXT2EW Acoustic Guitar

If you are an enthusiast of Yamaha instruments, then this Yamaha APXT2 will remain a cherished memory to you. This Yamaha model resembles a copy of the top-rated Yamaha APX500III though it is smaller. Much the same as the last model, the APXT2 is similar to study and practice. 

Originating from a brand that has extraordinary notoriety with regards to instruments, this APXT2 won’t be a misuse of your cash. It brags the sound quality of all Yamaha acoustic guitars. Worked with great materials, this guitar possesses an ART-based pickup framework and a 68 contact pickup. 

Moreover, APXT2 is accessible in various hues and complements which makes it the meaning of a snazzy and utilitarian instrument. With Yamaha’s restrictive tuner, you’ll generally approve of tuning it.

Overall, Yamaha APXT2 is proven as the top best acoustic guitar for small hands with a beautiful appearance and a real design from the well-known guitar brand. With its decent playability, APXT2 is a great choice for those with short fingers.

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Among the top decisions for the best acoustic guitar for little hands is the Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor. Known as perhaps the best child guitar and new learners, this Baby Taylor could be a venturing stone to release the inward hotshot in you. 

With its alluring look, this Taylor model has a strong mahogany wood with a matte body finish, layered Sapele back, sides and neck, and a real coal-black fingerboard. The Baby Taylor is ideal for your movement diversion due to its convenient size and solid form. Its stockpiling won’t be an issue since it accompanies a gig sack fit for movement and assurance.

Overall, BT2 Baby Taylor is amongst the best acoustic guitars for small hands guitar players. If you are looking for a playable guitar that suits your short fingers, then you should consider this one.

Taylor Academy 12E Acoustic Guitar

Academy 12E is another best acoustic guitar for small hands from Taylor. It is famous for its enthusiasm for improving the guitar-playing experience with many outstanding features.

This Taylor model has a cutaway body with strong Sitka tidy on the back and sides. It also has a short nut width of 1.687 inches and 24.87 inches scale length combined with a real African coal-black with 20 frets fingerboard and Sapele neck. 

On the off chance that you want something that gives a pleasingly light solid, the Academy 12E is a great choice for you. As yet having that exemplary Taylor sound, the 12E doesn’t bargain with regards to delivering an excellent acoustic sound. 

Whenever played alone, this Taylor model will radiate a simple and bright sound. It is played best for open harmonies and fingerpicking. In any case, it works and sounds similarly as amazing when stopped. Regardless of whether you are searching for a profound or sweet tone, this 12E will consistently be a magnificent guitar.

Overall, Academy 12E from Taylor is proven as one of the best acoustic guitars for small female hands. It comes with many great features that will fulfill your requirements.

Hola! HG-36PK

Hola! HG-36PK is an excellent acoustic guitar on our list with a beautiful look and amazing features. It includes a tidy top, mahogany on the back, sides, and neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. These are strong and sensible decisions, particularly with the 36 inches estimating that makes it ideal for small hands. 

This specific item comes pre-hung with EXP16 covered phosphorus brass strings, a case, a few picks, and a few different highlights that make it especially useful for apprentices. This guitar isn’t exactly strong enough for a traveler, however, it functions admirably as a first guitar for youngsters or other littler clients. 

HG-36PK is additionally shockingly boisterous for its size. Generally, 3/4 size guitars are innately calmer than other full-size guitars, yet this guitar can play boisterously enough for most exhibitions. The pickguard is a discretionary part, and it would be better for beginning players to try out new things.

Overall, Hola! HG-36PK is among the best acoustic guitars for players with small hands because of its great features and unique look. If you are looking for a guitar to begin learning how to play an old-style guitar, we suggest you consider this one.

Yamaha JR1 FG

This JR1 FG is another great acoustic guitar from the Yamaha that keeps all the advantages of extraordinary playability and great tone. It has a full-size FG arrangement while lessening the body and scale size to give an acoustic that is incredible for little hands players. 

On the off chance that you have played a Yamaha, you will realize that they keep their acoustics conventional, with a tone that sits marginally better than expected generally yet is even an enormously pleasant to play with. This Yamaha model is splendid, clear, and all-around expressed, and Yamaha’s logically planned propping design keeps up a strong reaction and fair volume for a small estimated guitar. 

Overall, this JR1 FG makes an extraordinary travel instrument, an ideal understudy guitar, and an incredibly very much planned moderate model for any player with little hands searching for their first acoustic guitar.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider To Get The Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands

To search for a normal estimated acoustic guitar is a breeze, yet to locate the best acoustic guitar for little hands is another story. Acoustic guitars have a cumbersome body in nature, which makes it hard for hopeful guitarists with little hands. 

To ensure the best one grounds on your hands, here are a portion of the components to consider before buying an acoustic guitar.

Thin Neck

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an acoustic guitar for smaller hands players is its thin neck. A thin neck guitar will make it simpler for you to play for a long time. Guitar players with short fingers will have a simple encounter if the guitar has a thin neck since it’s simpler to get and clutch, which makes it deliver harmonies easier. Concerning the thin neck, this factor is basically an augmentation of the shorter fingerboard prerequisite. Thinner necks will permit you to handily snatch them, which is incredible for little hands. 

best acoustic guitar for small hands

Another motivation behind why thin necks are fundamental is because it will permit guitar players to play it on a quicker rhythm in spite of the fact that a thin neck won’t produce the fat sonic assaults you get from full-sized guitars. Thin guitar necks all in all are extraordinary for quick playing and shred guitarists, yet that factor similarly applies for players with littler hands who essentially need to play old fashioned harmonies and cleaves


Acoustic guitars for little hands ought to have a string length that is appropriate for small hands players. To make things simple, the string ought to be from 22 to 24 inches scale length. At the point when the strings are inside the proper length, playing the guitar will be a stroll in the recreation center. 

Shorter string length implies less finger quality and force expected to play the guitar appropriately. It additionally permits the players to play the guitar calm in view of the simple access it provides for all the harmonies. 

Moreover, lighter strings are an absolute necessity with regard to having the best playing experience for those with small hands. In the event that you have little hands, you will have a little measure. Because lighter strings are more reasonable for clients with little hands. 

For this situation, nylon strings must be the best choice as they are lighter contrasted with steel strings. If you have acoustic guitars with steel strings, it won’t be an issue since nylon strings are easy to track down. You should have a go at playing a nylon string acoustic guitar as you will find a great distinction with regards to playability and simplicity of utilization. 

best acoustic guitar for small hands

Thin necks and lighter strings likewise influence the manner in which the guitar sounds. Light and substantial strings fluctuate diversely as do various materials also. For this issue, make a point to test your possible acoustic guitar so you’ll have no regrets when choosing an acoustic guitar.

Overall, with regards to the strings, the principal choice is to get more slender strings with a little check. They are simpler to press and simpler to play when all is said and done. Also, in case you are an acoustic guitar player, you should supplant your guitar’s steel strings with nylon ones which will significantly enhance its playability.


On the off chance that you want to pick the best acoustic guitar for little hands, picking a littler guitar will be your need. That is the reason, it is ideal to recollect that acoustic guitars that are made for individuals with little hands will in general sound marginally not quite the same as the customary measured ones. For one, little bodies don’t reverberate as much when contrasted with guitars with normal to huge bodies. 

With respect to the litter bodies, this factor especially applies to acoustic models. As clarified, acoustic guitars have bulkier bodies by their very nature, making them harder for players to utilize. With a little or simply slimmer body, you will have the option to grasp the guitar with all the more simple and play the instrument without an issue. Here are some kinds of acoustic guitar’s bodies for small hands to choose from.

3/4 Size 

3/4 size guitars are the littlest body size and are only a stage above 1/2 size guitars and ukuleles. These 3/4 size guitars are getting progressively famous with grown-ups with littler hands, on account of their simple to-play sizes and movability. 

Not at all like full-size guitars, you won’t need to hold these at abnormal and awkward points when accepting harmonies. However, the littler the acoustic guitar, the littler the sound; therefore, you shouldn’t hope to get a similar profundity that you would escape a full-size acoustic.


Parlor guitars are a little size down from the 3/4 size mentioned above that are frequently definitely more reasonable than full-size acoustic guitars, yet are a lot simpler to play for those with little hands. The parlor guitars style is exceptionally suggestive as they were unbelievably famous for early people and blues music. They have a greater tone compared to 3/4 size guitars.

best acoustic guitar for small hands

Stupendous Concert

Stupendous show guitars depend on the state of traditional guitars. Regarding size, they are simply above parlor guitars and simply under the customary gunboat guitars. Their shape and size will provide you with a decent, clear mid-go tone while still holding flexibility that is ideal for a variety of playing styles. In case you’re in the market for a little guitar, yet need one that can convey a similar effect as a full-size man of war, an excellent show is your most ideal decision.


Dreadnought guitars have been one of the best guitar styles since the mid-1900s and are effectively the most mainstream sort of acoustic guitars around. The bodies are enormous and expansive, making them ideal for projection in any style of playing. In case you’re searching for a major sound with huge amounts of low end, we recommend you try out this one as it is an unquestionable requirement. However, Dreadnought guitars are seemingly not incredible for those with little hands. On the off chance that you want to get this type of guitar, you’ll have to think about different elements to ensure that it matches your hands.

best acoustic guitar for small hands


With regards to fingerboards, it would be better for you to choose an acoustic guitar with a string length between 22 and 24 inches. Thus, it will be fundamentally simpler for you to snatch all the harmonies appropriately, as the cycle will require less force and less finger length. Moreover, these sorts of six-strings likewise will in general have a slimmer neck, which is one of the necessities we have mentioned above. 

Nonetheless, all of these components affect the guitar’s sound. Littler bodies are less thunderous, thin necks produce a less stout sonic assault, light strings have a totally unique sound to hefty measure models, and nylon strings are an entire diverse world to steel strings. Therefore, you should consider and test them hard and fast and see what accommodates your general needs the most.

Having little hands doesn’t really mean you won’t be an extraordinary guitar player. In some cases, it means you should get the best acoustic guitar for little hands. Having the ability is as of now a gift in itself. Sharpening it with an instrument you actually like and hand-pick is a reward. Pair the best instrument available with your extraordinary ability, and you’ll have the best melodic experience ever. 

best acoustic guitar for small hands

The main problem isn’t the size of your hands because the main problem is that the guitar expects you to extend your hands in abnormal manners. In case you’re encountering torment or think that it’s abnormal to reach while you’re playing, a contributor to the issue is because of the size of your hands. However, the principal issue is letting your hands practice to extend appropriately.

Regardless of whether you have the best guitar on the planet, the significance of getting it appropriately arranged can’t be downplayed. An appropriate arrangement won’t just permit you to play easily, yet it will permit you to move around on the instrument to your maximum capacity too. 

Counsel your nearby guitar tech about what string type and arrangement type would work best for you so you can play effortlessly. Furthermore, as a little something extra tip, setting up guitars so the strings are as low as conceivable without humming is an extraordinary approach.

Conclusion Best Acoustic Guitar For Small Hands Top Pick For The Best

Ibanez AEG10II Acoustic-Electric

Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Fender MA-1 Acoustic Guitar

Martin LXM Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

best acoustic guitar for small hands best acoustic guitar for small hands best acoustic guitar for small hands best acoustic guitar for small hands

best for New learners

best for Young beginners and Experts

best for Young Children

best for Beginners and Experts

Our Best Choice – Martin LXM-Little Martin

Among all those excellent acoustic guitars we have reviewed above, we chose the Big Baby Taylor as the best acoustic guitar for small hands from this rundown. Originating from its name, this Big Baby is ideal for guitar players with short fingers due to its size and its ease carriage. The first outstanding thing making it perfect is its beautiful outlook. Big Baby Taylor has a 25.5 inches scale length with a great combination of a strong Sitka tidy on the top and layered pecan on the back and sides. 

Moreover, it has a dreadnought body shape with a hard rock maple neck and a midnight 20 frets fingerboard. This guitar comes with a meager neck with a short nut width. Another thing making this guitar outstanding is its back. The back is angled to help it include quality. One more great feature is that this guitar is suitable for those with short fingers, beginners, or even experts and those looking for an acoustic guitar to play during a trip or traveling. 

There is a wide assortment of best acoustic guitars for small hands with a lot of incredible features on the guitar assembling market. If you have a restricted money related arrangement, by then, we prescribe you attempt to research the major features. When making a waitlist of acoustic guitars you want to consider more, we propose you research the sound features, adaptability decision, and the upsides and drawbacks warily. It is on the grounds that these things will help you in making a good choice before purchasing an appropriate acoustic guitar.

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