Top 15 Best Acoustic Guitar Amp Reviews In 2020 And Brief Guide Line

Acoustic guitar itself has amazing sound; however, if you want to enjoy the music with a group of friends or perform on the street, you’d better buy yourself an amplifier. The best acoustic guitar amp not only creates an awesome atmosphere for you to immerse in music but also satisfies the demand of convenience. 

This kind of device helps the guitar players strengthen the produced sound through one or more loudspeakers inside a cabinet. Some kinds of acoustic guitar amp have other functions such as modifying the tone of instruments. There is a wide range of amplifier classes based on different characteristics and power rates that meet the demand of multiple users. If you still hesitate, it’s time you spend money on an ideal guitar amp to enjoy your life better. In this post, Carroll / has 15 recommendations of acoustic guitar amps provided with specific specialties; therefore you can make a choice that pleases your preference.
best acoustic guitar amp
best acoustic guitar amp
best acoustic guitar amp

High- end quality amp for soloists

Fully equipped amp for songwriter

Portable amp for traveller

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Top best acoustic guitar amp Reviews 2020


This little acoustic guitar amp will strongly impress you with its power and convenience. You could easily bring the amp with yourself anywhere thanks to its lightweight. Besides, users can take use of independent three-band EQs for reverb and channels, stack chorus on one dial for a necessary quick splash of warble and depth.

However, the Nutube preamp would be the one that aces up your sleeve. Nutube has an anode frid filament structure that can operate exactly like the way a triode vacuum tube does. Particularly, it makes the similar characteristics full of overtunes.   

This acoustic guitar amp, VOX VX50-AG, can provide loud sound relevant to a small band or performance on a walking street. Especially, for the players prefer fingerstyle, this amp can literally make the tone pop. The ones who can write songs will be also satisfied by the combination of this function and the way VX50-AG punishes sloppy playing. For the performers, they will find the red LEDs useful to help them check whether it is clipping. Last but not least, the price is extremely reasonable.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Lightweight
  • Auto power- off feature
  • Thrilling and lively tones
  • Affordable price

Lany A- A- Fresco

AA Fresco- another small and light amplifier is highly recommended for you. The cool- running amp powered by Class D with an 8’’ custom- designed dual- cone woofer will definitely transfer the acoustic sound with extraordinary sparkle. Similar to VOX VX50-AG, AA Fresco has three- band Eqs, along with two channel strips that take XLR or Jack inputs and AUX input to back track. The connections are available for one mic and instrument or two acoustic instruments.

You can easily modify the level by holding down the Chorus switch and turning the Reverb control pot. When you turn on the amp next time, the last chorus level can be recalled. This AA Fresco has available Phantom power, DC electric power transmitted through microphone cables to operate microphones that contain active electronic circuitry, moreover, users are provided with mic- free connection and four digital EQ pre- sets to enhance sound. About the battery? Don’t worry! The Eco mode operation and sleep mode are in charge of saving the battery life, fully charged can reach 24 hours per one time using.  

Boss Acoustic Singer Live

This product from Boss impresses the buyers with its bi-amp format offering a two-in-one device for guitar players especially the songwriters. Acoustic Singer has all the criterias such as amazing design, great tone and acceptable price, to become an ideal amplifier. 

In addition, the reason why it is highly recommended for songwriters and gigging singers is that you can define tones of vocals and make some edits on guitar or mic channel as well, simply by touching buttons. There is also USB connectivity available for recording and an aux-in that is controlled by hand to add external audio to the mix.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Portable and affordable
  • Meet the demand of live performances
  • Amazing tones

Dolity 5 Watt 9V Mini

best acoustic guitar amp

If you are a guitar player performing on the street regularly, this amp seems to satisfy all the demands. First to mention is the amazing sound quality produced with intuitive controls. Users can take it easy to bring this amp due to the 9V batteries supported. Because this Dolity Mini is designed for soloists, it is absolutely effective when it allows the player to clip on his or her belt.

In addition, this amp also gets on well with headphones if users want to have personal time. Owning this apm means you can enjoy music in various ways such as: street performing, going karaoke with friends or playing outdoors.

Marshall Acoustic AS50D

This amp is considered to be a suitable device for the stage because it has all functions needed to make you enjoy music easier. AS50D is set up with two channels, which have individual bass and treble controls. Your performance won’t be distracted thanks to the phase and an anti- feedback sweep control. In case you want to go straight to either the PA or to the desk for recording, the dedicated DI/line would help you. 

If you prefer to have some effects to your acoustic, this amp is absolutely for you. The users personally choose the channel to apply the chorus, offer depth and even control the speed. AS50D, known as a good value all-in-one combo from the brand Marshall with great functionality and affordable, deserves to be listed as the best acoustic guitar amp.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Amazing feedback control
  • Enough for small band
  • Flexible controlling setup for reverb, effects and chorus

Blackstar FLY-3 Mini Guitar Amplifier

The amp can immediately attract people by its outlook: the well-built quality solid. It is powered to 6 Watts for whole and has nice straightforward controls setup. The features contained are worth the price because they are all the primary demands for an amplifier: Not only can the users edit the sound transferred but they can also control the playing time and so on.

FLY-3 is doing its good job in producing sound as a mini amp with a 3inch speaker. With the EQ control available for essential options, you can make the sound clearer and cleaner. It is considered as one of the earliest amp that can save a few bucks when starting on guitar.

Yamaha THR5A

Having a structure of 3’’ speakers, THR5A is a great option for the users who want to have an amp to place at home or for practicing. Along with the small size and reasonable price, this acoustic guitar combo amplifier provides a significant function of emulating different mic types based on the built-in Virtual Circuit Modeling technology.

Yamaha THR5A uses 8 AA batteries therefore it can work for 6 hours each time using. Last but not least, this amp has other effects that meet the demand of users such as compressor, chorus, reverb.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • High- quality sound
  • Portable
  • Amazing built-in effects
  • Furnitures friendly aesthetics
  • Reasonable price

Fishman PRO-LBT-500 LoudBox Mini Bluetooth

The significant improvement from the earlier product of this amplifier is the Bluetooth wireless connectivity. One plus point for this version is that it remains the best features of its predecessor: portability, tone and balance power. 

Fishman LoudBox Mini is a 60- Watt amplifier set up with 2 channels, one of which is available for plugging in microphones. Besides, users can experience the built-in chorus and reverb as well as connecting with the PA system or recording through an XLR DI output.

If you are a fan of the earlier version with luxury value, this amp with average cost is definitely for you to get one: Still functional but more convenient and affordable.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Clean and loud sound
  • Good choice for practice or street performance
  • Bluetooth connectivity added

Fishman (PRO-LBT-600) Loudbox Performer Bluetooth

Another product from Fishman to appear in the list of best acoustic guitar amp but absolutely different from the last mentioned one. Loudbox Performer is recognized as the most powerful amp of this brand with the rate of 180 Watts. Moreover, this amp is well-estimated because it is equipped with up-to-date features such as 24V phantom power and dedicated effects loop for each channel. 

In order to help the users handle this potential amplifier section, the producer set up a 5’’ midrange woofer. It means the amp’s 8’’ woofer can focus more on the lows and the 1’’ tweeter can do the same with the highs.

Additionally, Loudbox Performer has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity along with not only three-band EQs but also feedback controls. All of these features can make it worth the price.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • High-quality sound
  • Expanded connection options
  • Well built

Mainstayae AC-15 15W

best acoustic guitar amp

If you want to buy a functional amp with a small size and reasonable price, you should consider this product from Mainstayae. The AC-15, rated at 15 Watts, is a portable acoustic guitar amplifier 1:1 that creates the high end and energetic music. 

The amp has microphone channel embedded two-band EQ adjustments and function of modifying voice from reverb effect. Besides, AC-15 amplifiers are compatible with most bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops. Therefore, users can do practice as well as listen to music through this amp.

Mainstayae AC-15 is set up with a large rechargeable battery; particularly, users just have to spend 2 hours charging to get 4-8 hours working with no addition of external power supply. Roomed by wooden shell and compact size designed, the players will find it convenient to carry anywhere.  

Roland Battery Power (MOBILE AC)

Thanks to the 5 Watts portable battery powered, this amp is extremely suitable for public performance. The significant features of this amp are the renowned Chorus Effects and realistic reverb. With the 6 AA batteries that provides 15 working hours, users can freely bring it to anywhere for music enjoyment.

For public demand, despite having a size that is smaller than a backpack, the MOBILE AC still transfers incredible sound through two 4inch speakers. When users have their personal time with this amp, they can make a performance duets with a singer by connecting a microphone to the Mic input.

  • Pros

Things we liked
  • Rich stereo sound
  • Convenient travelling
  • Sing and jam along
  • Portability

Roland Micro Cube

Micro Cube was considered as a successful product according to having comprehensive improvement on its predecessor. Particularly, it has a broadened memory function, new effect types, a new chromatic tuner and so on. Especially with Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, i- CUBE LINK provided a built-in interface along with paving a new way for practice and mobile recording. 

Besides, this amp also gets the top rank in the best acoustic guitar amp record for the battery power. MICRO CUBE provides the users with various versatile tones. There are five different EFX types including a new HEAVY OCTAVE effect in order to insert unique, ultra-low power to modified tones.


Contrary to the classic outlook, MINI3 G2 is the amp packing an amazing number of features. This portable amp seems to have more than what you expect from a mini amp. The first impressive feature is the wide offered range of 11 different amp models covering from clean tones to molten metal. All options of compressor, chorus, delay and reverb are included as well. With the size that can fit a coat pocket, there are no obstacles to bring it by yourself anywhere. 

The control is simple and intuitive but still extensive. Very amp model can be selected only by rotarily switching. A dedicated knob is in charge of managing the gain and tones control.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Good size
  • Amazing sound
  • High- end features
  • Easy controlling

Orange Crush Mini

The first version of this Orange Crush was produced in 2018 and it is the redesigned version with some more innovations. Firstly, this amplifier has a different way to be turned on: plugging guitar cable into the input instead of using a power switch. This mini amp also satisfies the need of an all-in-one device. 

The controllers are lined on the top of the amplifier. Beside the available features as the last version, Orange Crush Mini gets one more new feature for adding more tonal options. Another thing makes this amp worthy is that the product has headphone output and auxiliary input available.

Last but not least, the newest and coolest feature of all is speaker output which helps the users connect with their favorite cab to enjoy more tonal capabilities.

Sangmei AG-15A

The last option is Sangmei AG-15A with a lot of valuable features. This is a portable guitar amplifier powered 15 Watts with 5” speaker. That’s the reason why the sound produced has high quality. With the combination of bluetooth wireless music play link and microphone input functions, the users have no difficulties in enjoying music and singing as well.

Like other mini amps, AG-15A has a built-in rechargeable battery without the requirement of external power supply. Along with supported guitar volume, bass and treble control, this amp also provides microphone volume and echo adjustment that give you a wide range of sound effects.  

Tips To Share: Fundamental Factors To Choose The Best Acoustic Guitar Amp

Firstly, we will point out some differences between acoustic guitar amp and electric one. In contrast to electric amp, acoustic guitar amp produces no synthetic wackiness when it is connected. Instead, it makes the guitar tone amplified faithfully, without modification and no feedback. In brief, the acoustic guitar amp transfers exactly the same sound from your guitar. However, it has been equipped with features available for shaping tone in case the user plays with others. For example, the EQ will make your tone brighter and make your fingerstyle sounds pop through the mix. 

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In addition, the electric guitar amp has two channels designed, one channel is clean and the other has a gain stage on but the acoustic amp doesn’t. The common reason is that the acoustic guitar amplifier’s one channel has a 1/4“ instrument input jack along with a XLR input available for vocal mic connection. Now, let’s move to the details for choosing the best acoustic guitar amp. 

If you are a professor in playing guitar, maybe these lines are not suitable for you. However, if you just took up playing musical instruments or an amateur in considering amplifiers or even a player who is confused with options, then you can get help from this part.       

When you go to the shop to buy an amplifier, just simply based on two factors that can help you choose your relevant one: your finance- purpose and the device’s features. Here is some specific information.

Amplifier has some following basic characteristics to consider. Take a look before choosing your best acoustic guitar amp.

Amplifier Power

This feature plays a significant role in choosing an acoustic guitar amp. It will become a nightmare if you get the amplifier that is not relevant to your using purpose.

Before, the small amps were usually powered from 20 upto 75 Watts. However, in the present time, there are more and more smaller sizes of new acoustic power. The numbers of Watts can range widely from 5 to under 100 to fit the using situations. 

Home- Self practising: If you just need an amp to enjoy music or practise guitar by yourself, just take it easy to make a choice. All you need is a reasonable price amp with size from 5 to 40 Watts providing you with basic features.

best acoustic guitar amp

Self Performance In Public: If you are a freelance player and you stand in front of people playing guitar, you will need a higher quality of amp. Particularly, the size should range from 40 to 100 Watts with average feature standards and price. For instance, if you would like to perform in a coffee house or a bar, a 50 to 60 Watts amplifier is enough. However if you enjoy the crowd on the street, you should choose higher quality for your device. In addition, if you also want to sing through the amp, you should carefully adjust the volume and EQ.

The bigger size amplifiers would be powered from 100 upto over 200 Watts, prepared for public performance or professional activities.

Band Performance: When you are a member in a gig and you are going to buy an amplifier for your team, don’t hesitate to choose the one that has mid to high quality powered from 80 to over 150 Watts. Of course the price will be a little high.

Recording: It’s circumstantial to choose an amp for recording. For example, if you are going to make a live setting record, you’d better have a very powerful amplifier. Another case, if you put the mic in front of the amp to transfer the sound to the mixer, you will need a less powered amp.


First to be mentioned is the Feedback Control. It is compulsory for amplifiers that are powered more than 40 Watts to have this kind of feature. The ones that are played under 40 Watts are optional to have.

Most of the acoustic amps provide the users with some kinds of prophylactic measure in order to prevent feedback such as notch filter, sweep and phase. Some kinds of amps are equipped with a frequency sweep control and a notch filter for users to control over the feedback. The other types have on/off buttons known as phase switches.

Built-in Effects

This feature directly affects your produced sound. The common effects included in acoustic amps are: reverb, delay, compression and chorus.

For example, the reverb adds more space to the tone and helps brighten up a dead room also.

best acoustic guitar amp

Channels and Inputs

These are the features available for more than one guitar to connect. The best recommendation in this situation is choosing the amp that has volume, EQ, effects and so on controlled individually.

Next, if you have unstable performing places, it is necessary to buy an amp that is battery- powered. Moreover, don’t forget to compare the sizes and weights on demand of portability.

Ultimately, Solid State or Tube shape are also important and need to be considered. Particularly, Solid state amps are firm and don’t have much requirements in maintenance. On the contrary, Tube amps that produce the thickest and warmest sound require having their tubes replaced regularly. 

best acoustic guitar amp

Personal standard

At first, you should estimate yourself in playing guitar and get an acoustic amp that matches your ability.  

Secondly, if you are not the guy that can splurge on hobby’s demand, you should go to a wallet- friendly option. There are numerous well- equipped products with reasonable prices.

Last but not least, remember to look for the amplifier that satisfies your using intention. Check out the characteristics we provided you with carefully to find the one which has relevant features.  

Hope that you have got more knowledge about the characteristics of amplifiers. Here are some particular examples provided to help you choose your most ideal acoustic guitar amp.

Conclusion best acoustic guitar amp Top Pick For The Best

With the demand of improving the taste of art, particularly the way people enjoy music, amplifiers in general play an important role in this process. Users are divided into groups that have different demands and abilities. 

Therefore, before going shopping, you should carefully consider your budget, using purpose, abilities and so on. If you just want to have a better condition to listen to music, so don’t choose the amp used for a band with 150 Watts. Similarly, if you want to begin your solo performances, don’t hesitate to invest in a medium or high-end quality amplifier. 

This following top choices of best acoustic guitar amp is due to our positive point of view and experience, just consider them as specific suggestions:

best acoustic guitar amp
best acoustic guitar amp
best acoustic guitar amp

High- end quality amp for soloists

Fully equipped amp for songwriter

Portable amp for traveller

The list above includes all the primary subjects of users. We hope that you can have more clues to make up your mind in finding the best acoustic guitar amp that pleads for yourself.

Do you find it useful? Do you have other opinions about this device or do you have your own top list? We are so welcome to all your comments, drop a line below.

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