15 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under $300 in 2020

Acoustic Electric Guitars are becoming very popular instruments in the day today by the special combination of acoustic guitar and electric guitar. But even more surprising when this device only costs under $300. Thus, what are the best acoustic electric guitars under $300?

If it’s your first time buying an acoustic electric guitar, then the list of top 15 best acoustic electric guitars under $300 below will be of great help to you. Keep reading the review from Carroll / Fletcher.net for the best acoustic electric guitars under $300 before you turn it up.

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Detailed Review: Top 15 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under $300

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

At the top of our list of best acoustic electric guitars under $300, is Ibanez AW54CEOPN.  Artwood Series has been created to be an ode to their rich tradition of acoustic guitars while adding essential modern accessories for today's guitarists. A solid mahogany top, back, sides, and neck and an open pore natural finish which shows off the mahogany’s beauty makes the AW54CEOPN become a visual stunner by its appearance. Moreover, a black and white multi-rosette, a tortoise pickguard, and chrome die-cast create an addition to its aesthetic charm. 

The mahogany construction provides you with plenty of warmth naturally, but after plugging in you can easily adjust the bass and treble by a Fish man Sonicore pickup and Ibanez’s AEQ-SP2 preamp that features a simple 2-band control. It also provides a user-friendly onboard tuner and volume control.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The CD-60SCE is an optimal option for beginning to intermediate level players by including a built-in tuner- with great tone and easy playability. Featuring a single-cutaway body for easy upper-fret access, a solid spruce top for increased volume and crisp sound, easy-to-play neck and mahogany back and sides, the CD-60SCE is the best choice for the couch, the campfire or the coffeehouse - wherever you want classic Fender sound and playability


Mahogany top form alluring grain patterns and warm, rich tone responds well to any acoustic playing style, from hard strumming to fast flatpicking or delicate fingerpicking. 


This instrument is ideal for beginning players because of its neck which creates an incredibly comfortable fret-hand feel. 

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The thin-line GA35TCE from Ibanez is a classical acoustic electric guitar made from mahogany and spruce with a dark violin sunburst high-gloss finish. Besides the beautiful appearance this instrument also delivers a powerful and balanced acoustic sound by the single-cutaway, thinline classical body. The instrument is well suited for solo performances or playing with an ensemble when unplugged or amplified.  

The GA35TCE has gold classic tuners, a gloss-finished spruce top with gloss-finished mahogany back,sides, and neck, a slotted headstock, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Additionally, there is a mosaic-design soundhole rosette and abalone off-set dot inlays.  

For electronics, the guitar is set up with nylon strings and ships with a 9V battery. It is also equipped with an Ibanez Undersaddle pickup and controls for volume, trebles, bass, and phase on an Ibanez AEQ210T preamp.  

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

Ibanez PF15ECE has the gloss finishes all over the neck and body, dreadnought shape, ivory binding, chrome die-cast tuners, dovetail neck joint, rosewood fretboard creates its wonderful appearance. The Ibanez PF15ECE Acoustic Electric Guitar is an excellent buy when you want to strum it up. This will make you proud. You do not have to empty your wallet to invest in some of the best acoustic electric guitars. The Ibanez PF15ECE are cheap and extra powerful.

  • Pros

  • Cons

Things we liked
  • Dreadnought shape
  • Price
  • Fishman Sonicore pickup
  • Cutaway Ibanez Advantage bridge pins.
best acoustic electric guitars under 300

If you’re trying to find the best acoustic electric guitars under $300, Ibanez TCY10ETBS, is ideal for you.The electric guitarist who wants to gain the full tones of an acoustic guitar without losing the relaxation, comfort and playability of an electric will see the Ibanez - Talan TCY10ETBS Acoustic Electric Guitar as a perfect choice. 

Ivorex II nut is stronger and more durable than bone and even harder than the original Ivorex. Ivorex II-fitted guitars perfect for amplification because of allowing brilliant highs and more pronounced lows with less mid-range. The 7 segment LED display enables you to tuner, anywhere and anytime you need. The Ibanez AEQ200T 2-band tone control with built-in tuner is optimized for use with Ibanez Under Saddle Pickups.  

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The FA-235E offers fabolous Fender sound at a budget-friendly price and is visually stunning with a gorgeous flame maple top. It is an easy-playing instrument that sounds great by having a quality laminate construction with a modern Fender 3+3 headstock and Viking bridge.

Developing and experienced players alike will acknowledge the mahogany neck that gives the guitar a lively tone which allows you to take your sound to stage with ease. 

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

From the stage to the beach, the Martin 000CJr-10E is a chooser's dream on the go come true. This comfortable mini delivers the Martin 000's iconic image and sound in a smaller form - something not only great to carry around, but also easy to learn. Sitka spruce top with X-braces on the back and sides of the sapele blooms vividly with warmth and depth at every pick.

The notes sound with an abundance of harmony and chime-like clarity that reduces the size of the 000CJr-10E. The electrically powered onboard Fishman Sonitone electronics have this capability for everything from plug-and-play pick-up gigs to full-band stage performances.


The hardwood neck and the Richlite neck are easy to navigate thanks to the 24-inch scale length, making it a little easier to switch from one key to another. Add the tenon hole and the collar joint to the mix and you'll fly up and down your neck eliminating any defects along the way.


000 Junior is made of sapele back and facets with Martin's famous sitka spruce top. This combination provides a superb tonal balance between warm lows and direct mids without any confusion. The classy satin finish is sure to last well over time.


Martin popularized the X bracing system, a classic clamshell construction method that reduces the weight of the guitar and allows the face to oscillate freely. This not only makes Junior an excellent travel guitar, but also pushes the vibrant melody to a new level.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

You can experience the professional features, quality, and sound of Ibanez Performance acoustic guitars at an entry-level price. This Ibanez PF15ECENT provides you with Ibanez’s Cutaway Dreadnought body with a spruce top, a natural high gloss finish neck, and mahogany back, sides.

Ibanez PF15ECENT includes a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, black pickguard, a multi-rosette, chrome die-cast tuners, and Ibanez Advantage bridge pins. It also has an Ibanez Under Saddle pickup with an AEQ-2T preamp with onboard tuner to help intensify your sound.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The Ovation AB24IIP-KOA is a comfortable fit for any acoustic player !!!

With all the essentials of classic Ovation Balladeer sound and style, the Applause Balladeer Plus Series AB24IIP Acoustic Electric delivers loud and clear vocals, smooth playability, and great value that makes it ideal for beginners and intermediate players. Balladeer highlights are recognized here, including a newly sculpted Applause-style headpiece and a central sound hole decorated with a pear-shaped asterisk.

High-end features include visually stunning exotic veneer crests for clear tone and mid-depth Roundback Lyrachord body for greater volume and projection, excellent balance and ultimate durability. . The guitar also features fast, comfortable action and an easy-to-play neck profile, and the Ovation CE304T with tri-band EQ and built-in tuners for exceptionally amplified sound and performance.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

It is not surprising to learn that Yamaha makes a number of the very best acoustic electric guitars under $300 on the market. If you wanted to play acoustic on stage in the ‘80s’ as an electric guitarist, there were few options available. Yamaha then made the first acoustic guitar in 1987 that could be taken from a guitar rack, plugged in and played at volume, problem free; no more feedback howls, unsettled míc or dreaded extended sound checks. The latest APX600 gives prominence to a unique under-saddle piezo pickup, the Yamaha proprietary SRT transducer is highly renowned in a series range, which provides a natural tone and the feedback rejection and mix-friendly sound guitarists crave. Although there is an evolution in style, the essence of the APX remains the same. Although its style has evolved, the essence of the APX remains the same. Today, it boasts a more natural look, a better bass response and greater volume by deeper body, and a new non-scalloped bracing pattern for a responsive, dynamic tone.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

Bridge craft USA instrument presents the specially designed black Glen Burton GA204BCO Electric Guitar by Glen Burton. Perfect for beginners or experts, the full package comes with a Strap, Pick, Gig Bag, Strap, Digital Clip-On Tuner, Truss Bar and 10 Watt Amplifier.

This excellent Acoustic guitar also includes Flame top; Basswood back and sides of the Old Catalpa and Bridge; Rosewood Fingerboard Steel String; EQ: Active 4 Band 7545.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

If you need to feel relaxed while strumming on your guitar, it will be the best acoustic electric under $300 to your liking. Fender tone with Fishman electronics makes FA-125CE become a guitar made for performance. Quality laminate construction with modern Fender 3 + 3 headstock and Viking bridge creates an instrument with great sound and is easy to play.

Beginners and developing will appreciate the nato neck for a lively tone and smooth, easy play. And a highly affordable dreadnought acoustic-electric cutaway also is perfect for beginners.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

Beginners as well as serious students will find the new Accent CS-2CE the most versatile and practical instrument they can find. The name "Accent" speaks to the quality and value of this superb instrument.

The thin mahogany neck is fully adjustable and plays like a dream, while the split body allows for easy access to the highest notes. The body of the resonant birch, has "folk" size, is easy to hold and comfortable even for smaller and younger players. The traditional X-brace top panel delivers rich and resonant tones, which can be electronically amplified on the board to any player-desired volume level. The electro-acoustic versatility of the CS-2CE makes it perfect for all types of musical situations.

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

Only LTD’s TL series can provide both incredible acoustic tones and the comfort and feel of an electric guitar. The TL-6 includes a mahogany body with spruce with high-quality woods and components.

If you’ve been finding a full-body acoustic tone for your next performance or recording, then check out a TL model right away. The mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard with 22 jumbo frets, as well as Grover tuners, Graphtech NuBone-XB nut and saddle, and a Fishman Sonicore pickup and TL-3 preamp with onboard tuner will satisfy you.  

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

Ibanez Talman TCM50 acoustic guitars are listed as one of our favorite offerings and worthy of taking the last spot on this list of the best acoustic electric guitars under $300. The Acoustic-Electric Ibanez Talman TCM50 has a truly electric look ”with a stunning transparent finish, multi-string body, binding neck, chrome tuner, and an ingenious design. The mahogany back and back add warm projection to its sound while the AP2 magnetic receiver with 2-band EQ allows it to actually vibrate through an amplifier.

Bright sound resonance with an electric look and feel. The Talmans are for electric guitarists who love to take the stage with an acoustic instrument with a bright acoustic resonance and the sensible look and feel of the electric guitar.

Tips For Selecting The Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Under $300

What to Look for When Buying an Acoustic Electric Guitar?

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

Buying an electric acoustic guitar can be a very enjoyable process, but it can also be a source of disappointment as there are so many good products made by leading guitar brands in the industry! This can be incredibly overwhelming even for professionals and beginners often find themselves lost in a swirl of options and intimidated by all of the options.

Knowing what it is made of and what parts make up a guitar is important when choosing the best acoustic electric guitars under $300 for yourself. Luckily, we've put together a brief guide on what to look for when buying an acoustic electric guitar and we hope that by the end of this article you will have a better understanding of what features makes it a good and reliable instrument.

Purpose and Budget

Before thinking of the brand name or style, consider what you will be using your guitar for and how much money you will have to spend on a guitar is important when choosing the best acoustic electric guitars under $300 for yourself.

Skill Level - Amateur or Advanced

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

If you are a beginner looking for an instrument to learn, you may not want to spend too much on a premium acoustic. Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, there are a wide selection of well-crafted acoustic guitars that sound great, from low to mid-range to choose from.

Maybe you are an experienced player ready to upgrade to a better guitar. In that case, it is important to know the difference between different tonewoods and how the soundboard affects resonance.


best acoustic electric guitars under 300

Will you play with a band or bring your guitar to public events like mic night? Either you're playing at home or in public, solo or with a band, just getting started or are upgrading

Whatever the purpose, make sure you weigh what you need from a guitar and how much money you have to spend before you start shopping.

Guitar Body Styles

The best acoustic electric guitars under $300 also has to include the fittest guitar body styles! If you've been browsing the guitars before stumbling across this article, you may have seen a few confusing names, like dreadnought, jumbo, parlor, Auditorium, etc. These are the types of guitar bodies that a guitar has. Guitar body style refers to the shape of most of the main wood of the guitar, which is essentially the largest and main part of the guitar where the guard is located.

These organs determine the sound of your guitar (along with the wood they are made of!) And each part has a different sound and is used for different purposes. Their sizes also vary, and that's why it's a good idea to try a few in real life before deciding to shop online. Once you go to the store and try out the styles, you will know which ones are too small, too big, etc. and you will be able to confidently buy a new guitar online!

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The body styles and their features are as follows:

1. Dreadnought- dreadnought is by far the most popular of all designs and is easily recognized by everyone as the default instrument. It is famous for its plump pear shape and without cuts anywhere.

This style is suitable for many musicians because the sound is very versatile; You can play anything on this guitar! From jazz to indie, rock to punk, the dreadnought body style will allow you to be as varied with music choices as you desire.

2. Parlor - the living room body style is known for its small body shape, and to be fair, it might be the smallest guitar you can afford if you don't consider the guitars for children.

The living room design is mainly used by folk and indie musicians because of the deep sound it emits. It's also worth mentioning that this style usually only allows for 12 frets!

3. Jumbo - Jumbo body style is the style popular for live musicians. Artists like Bob Dylan have frequently declared this the instrument of their choice.

Jumbo body design is famous in the music world because of its great presentation ability. As the name suggests, this guitar is significantly larger than its brethren, and that allows it to sound bold, strong, and loud thanks to being made of all the leftover wood.

4. Auditorium - last but not least, the auditorium body style can be described as a combination of both dreadnought and parlor guitars! The classic pear shape allows this guitar to sit comfortably on your knees and is the perfect size for the average guitar player. The auditorium is most popular with indie and folk musicians and is ideal for anyone who likes to play music with his fingers, and even Eric Clapton once put it on his lap.

Tops - Solid vs. Laminate

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The head of the instrument has the greatest influence on the quality of the sound of the guitar. The sound produced by a guitar string is bridged to the end of the string where it is amplified. As discussed below by Tonewoods, the wood used for the upper part strongly affects the tonal properties of the guitar. The sound produced by a guitar string is transmitted to the end of the string where it is amplified. That's why, as noted above, the louder the soundboard, the louder the sound.

Acoustic guitar faces are made of solid wood or laminate. A solid face is usually made of two single-layered pieces of wood with their grains matching in the center of the guitar face. The top of the laminate is made of several layers of wood - usually the higher grade above and some generic layers below - pressed together.

Laminate doesn't vibrate like solid wood, so it doesn't make a rich or loud sound. However, this is a great option for beginners, to save money on an acoustic guitar first.

Neck Width and Length

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The width and length of the neck is also a very important factor to the best acoustic electric guitars under $300. The thickness and width of a guitar neck varies, depending on the size of the body. It will not affect the sound of the instrument, but it will affect your comfort of the guitar.

The neck tone is usually listed as a 12 or 14 fretboard. This number means the number of keys above the body of the guitar, not the total number of keys. On a 12-fret neck, the 13th and 14th frets are located on the body, and therefore, are harder to reach than a 14-fret neck, where they extend beyond the body of the guitar. If you have small hands, look for an acoustic guitar with a smaller neck diameter.

Nylon vs. Steel Strings

best acoustic electric guitars under 300

The best acoustic guitar under $300 is also affected by its strings material. A common misconception is that a guitar novice should start with nylon strings, because they are easier to finger or play. But nylon and steel strings are not interchangeable on the same guitar, so it is not a matter of progressing from string to string by experience. What really should be your decision is what kind of music you want to play.

Nylon string produces a softer, softer sound. They are commonly used in classical and flamenco guitar playing, as well as some folk music. Classic guitars have a wider neck to provide more space between strings and a shorter neck than acoustic guitars that use steel strings.

Steel wire is more common and is commonly used by rock, country and pop musicians. Steel-stringed acoustic guitars produce a louder, brighter sound that is often associated with that classical acoustic guitar sound.

Final Thoughts of best acoustic electric guitars under $300

Choosing a best acoustic electric guitar under 300$ can be tough since it’s hard to tell which products are made of quality materials and which aren’t. We hope we helped you make a decision with our well-researched list of products.

Whatever guitar you pick, make sure it inspires you. When you first start learning guitar, the hardest part is picking up the guitar to practice. What you want when you first start learning is a guitar that makes you want to play.

Learn about guitars versions that are and determine which sort of guitars works the best for you. You may return to a list of novice guitars and discover the one which meets your budget!

And a final thing before we wrap up is:

We hope we helped you make a decision with our well-researched list of products, and if not we hope that you at least got some useful information from our Buyer’s Guide that you will be able to use when purchasing your next electric acoustic guitar!

See more best seller of acoustic electric guitars under 300 on Amazon and find the best option for you here!

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