Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For Beginners 2020

Nowadays, playing guitar has become a hobby of many people. They usually adore playing acoustic-electric guitar as this kind of guitar is diverse and flexible. However, without understanding the fundamentals and necessary aspects, it’s hard for you to choose the best acoustic electric guitar for beginners. 

So how can you know which is the best acoustic electric guitar for you? To help you choose the right one, here is our collection of 15 best acoustic electric guitar for beginners. Keep reading updated reviews on BreathCarolina to get the information you need for informed decision making.

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Detailed Reviews Of Top Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For Beginners 2020

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

This black beauty comes from the famous Japanese guitar brand Takamine which is the favorite choice of most people. This acoustic electric guitar gives out a classic yet rock and turbulent vibe that will make you even more outstanding.

The EF341SC has a dreadnought body shape with a deep cutaway, the top is made from solid cedar, while the back is made from laminated maple. The C-shaped neck is hard to complain and totally built to perform. It is a quality system featuring 3-band EQ, a volume slider, and a chromatic tuner. 

Together with the wonderful look, the sound of it is warm and rich, but when amplified will reveal its fullness. The natural acoustic tone and pro-grade electronics allow you to actually slay with your performance. It’s hard to question why this is the best acoustic electric guitar for beginners.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

The high quality and affordable price of products from the legendary Martin company are well - known in the music world. This DRS1 model is not an exception!

When searching for the best acoustic electric guitar for beginners, this guitar catches our eyes immediately.The guitar excludes a classic beauty, with a solid Sapele top, back and sides, and an easy-to-play neck. The electronics have the Fishman Sonitone System. Additional equipment includes a set of chrome die-cast tuners and a black richlite bridge.

The sound is very good and worthy, with a rich, full, and extremely loud sound which absolutely helps this guitar to stand out from the rest.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

The Solo Concert is another great choice with exceptional quality and unconventional look. The notable characteristic of this beauty is the second soundhole in the side of the guitar which allows the players to feel and hear what the audience is hearing.

The design is very elegant with a soft cutaway, the mahogany neck, and a solid red cedar top. The Solo is an electro-acoustic, with an L.R.Baggs under-saddle piezo pickup and preamp featuring versatile 3-band EQ controls.

The rosewood and solid cedar lead to a dark tone which is warm, woody but attractive and balanced. When amplified, it gives out a big and loud sound as you’d need. The versatility of this Breedlove beauty is the reason why it appears in our “best acoustic electric guitar for beginners” collection.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Another beauty from the famous brand Takamine is the GN93CE - NAT. It is different from EF341SC as this one gives out a more elegant vibe. The spruce top and rosewood sides turned out to be a winning combo. The neck utilizes a mahogany piece and has a deep cutaway which is very easy to play.

The electronic section includes the TK-40D preamp system with an onboard 3-band EQ which boasts a high level of control. As expected, the sound of this guitar is of high-quality whether plugged or unplugged. We are looking at a sound that is crisp, loud, clear, and organic that every best acoustic electric guitar should have.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Yamaha is not a strange name, we see it everywhere and whenever we search for something. Yamaha offers great products and its guitars are hard to fault, too. The A Series A3M may not be an extraordinary guitar when it comes to design, but the simple and elegant elements make it look great everywhere.

Thanks to the dreadnought body and the deep cutaway, and also the mahogany neck feels incredibly comfortable. This beauty features the S.R.T (Studio Response Technology) system which helps to blend the combination of both piezo pickup and microphone. 

The A3M sounds amazing as it reveals a beautifully balanced tone yet full, rich, and warm. The sound is loud even without help from electronics.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

When it comes to the Newporter models, the Newporter Classic is always on top of the board. The design of this guitar is very attractive with the beautiful and elegant color combination. Of course, the mid-sized body, the solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany neck are amazing and suitable for all sizes of players.

Fender has equipped Newporter Classic with the Fishman custom-voiced electronics which is not the most versatile but definitely workable. 

When unplugged, it is a beautiful sounding guitar that can easily accommodate fingerstyle playing. When plugged, Newporter Classic becomes a high energy electric guitar that can actually rock the house!

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

This guitar offers you great versatility in comfort. It’s all a guitarist can wish for! As the name reveals, the guitar is designed to bring comfort to players with a Grand Auditorium body size, laminated koa on top, back, and sides. 

The electronics include the so-called versatile Fishman Presys +501T system, the 3-band EQ, as well as notch, mic-blend and phase control. 

When it comes to the sound, this guitar offers a top-notch tone that is suitable for everything from rock to folk. That’s why to many people, Washburn is the best acoustic electric guitar for beginners who don’t know yet the music style they want to follow.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

From the models of PRS, A50E really caught our attention. Although it’s not a cheap guitar, it will be a very worthwhile choice. The top is made with solid Sitka spruce while the back and sides are made up of maple. 

The guitar is equipped with an under-saddle pickup with a Fishman GT1 preamp offering easy access to simple volume and tone controls. 

The A50E is a beauty that gives out a bright, articulate tone. When amplified, the tone becomes sweet and organic.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Taylor is very famous for its acoustic guitar line, and today we bring you the best choice considering both quality and the price. The guitar features a sapele back, a solid Sitka spruce top, a matte finish, a sapele neck leaving a lasting impression on the player and audience.

The electronics feature an Expression System 2 pickup and preamp system, chrome hardware, a set of six die-cast tuners, a rosewood bridge, a classy Taylor headstock, and a black pick-guard.

The guitar is very responsive so it can express even the smallest change in the sound which allows you to feel the progress. The sound is also very outstanding with the booming presence of bass. The sensitivity of Taylor 114E attracts many guitarist newbies so no wonder why it is in our list of 15 best acoustic electric guitar for beginners.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

This beauty gives you a rock vibe with a small body, dark grain, all-mahogany model. The unique point of this guitar lies in the four-ply tortoiseshell pickguard and Tim Armstrong’s signature on the truss rod cover. 

This beauty comes with a respected and popular system from Fishman Isys II featuring volume and 3-band EQ controls. 

The Hellcat offers a true, rich, and warm tone that is very pleasing to hear. The sound is of quality compared to the reasonable price.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Epiphone is no longer a strange name and you can always find an iconic and affordable guitar at this brand. This design contains conventional elements with a big dreadnought body, square shoulders, a solid spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. 

The Shadow performer preamp and Nanoflex under-saddle pickup allow you to plug in and gig. This guitar offers you versatile controls, including bass, treble, and master volume controls.

This guitar resonates very well and gives out a bold, warm, and rich tone yet still remains well-balanced.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Another beauty from Fender in our top list is proof that this brand offers more than just a guitar. CD-140SCE is all mahogany featuring a rosewood fingerboard. The neck is slim and playable and feels strong. 

In the electro segment, this Fishman Presys Pickup system features an onboard tuner and a preamp. Notable components include a set of die-cast tuners, a rosewood bridge, a classy headstock.

The sound is gritty and massive, smooth, and mellow.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Although this guitar is a new one, it’s very popular. This beauty retains the so-called Yamaha design: thin body, spruce top, three-ply nato. The details are commendable, proving a high level of craftsmanship.

This electro-acoustic features a piezo pickup system with a solid AA-battery-powered preamp that offers good flexibility and 3-band EQ controls, volume knob, and separate mid-range frequency slider.

The sound is big, loud with good low-end. Through an amplifier, it performs as well as before, with good clarity.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

The color of this beauty really attracts both beginners and experienced players. Moreover, the top of this body is made from laminated select spruce, while the back and sides are mahogany. This combination is a good fit for everyone!

Being an electro-acoustic, the V70CE sports some active electronics, with an Ibanez-designed AEQ200 preamp and an under-saddle pickup. Obviously, the hardware is too good for this price. 

Spruce and mahogany mix creates a well-balanced tone yet very crisp and bright. The guitar performs well and retains a natural clarity.

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Martin will never disappoint you and here is another masterpiece from this company. The small size of this guitar is convenient and easy to carry. The guitar is made from sustainable wood.

The tone offered by this acoustic-electric guitar is so good because of a combination of a solid Sitka spruce top, mahogany high-pressure laminate back and sides, as well as a satin finish.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For Beginners: Buying Guide

After taking a look at our best collection of acoustic electric guitars, we want to give you some advice on choosing your own guitar. Let’s follow us through the simple steps below.

Know your purpose

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Understanding your purpose of using the guitar is the first important step that you need to do as it will help you to define what characteristics you need in your guitar to achieve that purpose. Whether you are purchasing guitar for your professional career or for your new favourite hobby, it’s of paramount importance that you acknowledge the aim and what you are looking for. If you just begin playing guitar and don’t know yet what your style is, choose a guitar that is versatile and easy to play. If you are a newbie but you already have your direction and when to develop it into your profession, then focus more on the lifespan of the product and the particular strengths of it that actually helps you.

Set the budget

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Your finance situation must be taken into consideration whenever you decide to make a purchase. Set a clear budget and a price that you are willing to pay for your guitar can help you effectively narrow down the options and avoid unnecessary hesitation. The best acoustic electric guitar for beginners shouldn’t cost over $500, but if you want to stick with this habit, then under $1000 is a good price to consider.

Pay attention to the quality and look

Quality is an important factor to make sure that you have a fulfilling experience with the guitar. There are many ways for you to know whether a guitar is worthy or not. Asking for advice from experienced players, searching information on the internet, looking for prestigious brands,.. are ways that you can follow. 

Also, don’t forget your personal interest like the color, the shape, the weight,... that you want your guitar to have. It’s important that you love your choice! Ask yourself questions like: What size and body shape are you most comfortable with? What material are you looking for? What design do you love? What is your favourite color?

Consulting an expert

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

Make sure that you consult someone who has experience in this field so that your final decision is informed. Choosing the best acoustic electric guitar for beginners is not easy. Looking for an expert and ask them what you worry about like Should you buy it online or offline? What do you need to buy to help you play better and to protect your guitar? You should express your concern and ask for help.

Make your decision

best acoustic electric guitar for beginners

After taking all the factors into consideration, make your own decision and be happy with it. At this phase, you should decide which brand and model to choose already. Picking a prestigious and well-known brand is a wise choice as the name can tell everything about the quality, the price and the characteristics of the guitar. Remember to choose well-known platforms like Amazon for good packaging and customer service.

Final Thoughts of Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For Beginners

Obviously, Breedlove Solo Concert is for those who want to have their own performance. The quality, the price, the look are best for you to just chill and have a relaxing time on your own.

Fender California Newporter Classic has a lot of strengths, however, its look is most attractive. The color and design is modern, eye-catching and lovely. This will be the jam of those who love having a fashionable guitar!

You have a low budget and many other things to worry about? Yamaha APX600 is here to save the day. With fine quality, reasonable price, it will be the best choice for those who have limited financial conditions and a passionate heart for guitar.

So now, take your time and choose which you think is the best acoustic electric guitar for beginners.

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