ADJ Focus Spot 2X Reviews – Best Stage Light Unit For You To Consider

You want to find the best stage light unit for your needs, but you’re not sure where to start. We understand that it can be hard to know what type of stage lighting is right for you and your budget. That’s why we created this review of the ADJ Focus Spot 2X stage light unit.

The ADJ Focus Spot 2X is a great choice for anyone who wants a high-quality product at an affordable price. This model has been designed with versatility in mind, which means that it will work well both indoors and outdoors. It also features excellent color rendering capabilities, so it will make your dance floor pop!

Here is our review of ADJ Focus Spot 2X. Check out!

Things To Consider When Buying ADJ Focus Spot 2X

ADJ Focus Spot 2X


The first thing you should consider before buying ADJ Stage light unit is design. These light units come in various designs and you will have to choose the one that matches your existing equipment.

Some of these lights also offer different controls which makes them useful for different settings. You should also avoid buying lights that do not match your existing stage setup.

Light Quality

You will need to check the light quality of these units before you can buy them. These lights come in various colors and brightness levels so you should choose the one which suits your purpose. You can even get multi-colored ADJ Stage lights if you are looking for something different.

The color of the light also makes a lot of difference in different types of settings. For example, you can use red-colored ADJ lights during Halloween parties because that enhances the decorations and ambiance.

Power Consumption

Another thing you should consider before buying these stage lights is Power consumption. Most people are not aware that these stage lights consume a lot of power and can therefore increase your electricity bills substantially. You should, therefore, check the wattage of these units before buying them to avoid spending more on your electricity bills.

ADJ Focus Spot 2X


These days there are a variety of different ADJ Stage lights that offer various controls. You should, therefore, consider whether you need to buy these lights with various controls or not.

For example, if your existing stage lighting setup does not have DMX connectors then you will have to get an ADJ light unit that offers this feature so that you can control the lights with ease.

On the other hand, if you already have DMX connectors then it might be a good idea to buy ADJ stage light units without this feature so that you can save money.


These light units are mostly made of metal and other tough materials. However, you should still check the construction quality of these lights before buying them to avoid any problems in the future. If possible, try to buy lights that come with some warranty just in case they break down after a few months of use.

Ease Of Use

You should also consider the ease of use of these lights before buying them. These lights come in various modes and you will have to choose the one that is easy for you to use. Some people like using buttons while others like using touch screens, therefore, it is best to check the mode and controls before you buy an ADJ stage light unit.

ADJ Focus Spot 2X


Different ADJ indoor stage lights have different beams. You should, therefore, consider the beam angle of these light units before buying them. Keep in mind that wider beams are more expensive than narrow beams.

Another thing you should consider before buying these lights is the focus of the beams. Most ADJ stage lights that come with spot beams will be more expensive than those with narrow beams.

The beam angle also varies significantly depending on whether the beams are adjustable or not. The wider beams can produce sharper and brighter projections for better visual effects during parties and events. However, for this purpose, you will also require permanent installation which is not possible with most normal lights.


The bulbs used in ADJ Stage light unit are usually very powerful and last for a long time. Instead of choosing light units with less powerful bulbs, you should consider investing in high-quality lights that can serve you for a long time.


The portability of these lights is important if you want to use them for various events and functions. It is a good idea to buy ADJ light units that are easy to carry around so that they can be easily carried from one place to another without any problem.


Most ADJ stage lights are quite costly. You should, therefore, consider the price tag of these light units before buying them. Of course, the costlier the unit is the better will be its performance but not all people can afford to buy expensive light units for their parties and events. Therefore, you should consider getting a good balance between quality and price before buying these light units.

ADJ Focus Spot 2X

Availability Of Replacement Parts

Availability of replacement parts is also important for making sure that you can use your stage lights for a long time without any problem. If you are able to get replacement bulbs and other parts for your lights then they will definitely last longer than expected. You should, therefore, consider buying ADJ Stage light units that have a lot of spare parts available in the market.

Size And Weight

It is important to consider the size and weight of these light units before buying them. You should try to choose a light unit that comes with wheels so that you can move it from one place to another without any problem. In addition, you should also check the size of these light units before buying them because some can be quite large and heavy.

Check the weight of these lights as well because a lot of people complain about having to carry heavy light units from one place to another with ease. If possible, try to buy lights that are lightweight so that you can easily carry them around without any problem.


The last thing you should consider before buying ADJ Stage Light is the price. There are various types of stage lights available in the market and you should choose the one that fits your budget.

The more advanced models are expensive but they also offer lighting features that are missing in cheaper alternatives. So you can always go for these advanced models if required even though they may be a bit expensive in your pocket.

ADJ Focus Spot 2X Review

ADJ Focus Spot 2X stage light unit is a nice light to have for small DJ events, mobile entertainers, and even the really curious consumer. On one hand, it does not take up much space on a table or floor and you will need only one unit to work as a mono light with one spotlight effect. On the other hand, it is versatile enough for many types of parties and instants.

The light works as a ‘standard’ RGB color-changing LED, which is very popular nowadays. Its RGBW technology allows mixing one primary and 3 secondary colors on the basis of white primary color into 16 million possible colors. The unit has a standard 4-button control panel on the backside for switching between DMX modes and programmable modes.

A very helpful feature of the unit is the possibility to link two LED spotlights into a bigger device. That means that if you have one “ADJ Focus Spot 2X” and another “Focus Spot 2X”, they can be connected together as a stereo light. Also, even if one spotlight fails, the other will remain operational. This feature is very helpful for mobile entertainers, who are often moving between places, having many cables and gadgets to transport.

Who Is ADJ Focus Spot 2X For?

ADJ Focus Spot 2X

Focus Spot 2x stage lights are suited for all types of theatrical productions, concerts, special events, and weddings. The ADJ spotlights are perfect for lighting stages and performing areas due to their versatility and how many options they offer for lighting effects.

The ADJ spotlight also offers versatile mounting possibilities for different needs, so you can set your spotlight up high or hang it low. ADJ spotlights are equipped with a 28-watt lamp in each fixture, so they feature enough lumens to light up an area of 1000 square feet for live events.

These lights can also be used by DJs and bands for performances because they emit green laser beams that create amazing effects on the dance floor.

Pros Of ADJ Focus Spot 2X

ADJ spotlights are used by all types of theatrical productions, concerts, special events, and weddings. These lights are suited for any type of event that you are looking to go with the look that the ADJ spotlight gives.

The ADJ spotlight is easy to use for anyone who does not have any experience in using a light before because there are many options for lighting effects.

The ADJ spotlight also has the advantage of being very versatile in terms of where it can be placed, so whether you need it high or low, this spotlight will work for you.

Another good thing about the ADJ spotlight is that it comes with a 28-watt lamp in each fixture which means that you get enough light to light up an area of 1000 square feet for live shows.

ADJ spotlights are good enough to be used by DJs and bands for their performances because they emit green laser beams which can create amazing effects on the dance floor.

Cons Of ADJ Focus Spot 2X

One thing to keep in mind before buying an ADJ spotlight is that it is not waterproof, so you should avoid using it in places where it will be exposed to rain.

Another downside of the ADJ spotlight is that it has no power cord included with the purchase so you have to buy one before being able to use your new light.

Features & Benefits

ADJ Focus Spot 2X


ADJ Focus Spot 2X is perfect for its design. It has a stylish and sleek design. This also gives it the great benefit of its lightweight material making it easy to carry anywhere you go.

It has dimensions of 1″H X 6″W X 5″ D and weighs only 3 lbs that making it easiest to carry around. For this reason, you can bring it anywhere with ease. Its stylish and sleek design makes it look aesthetic and appealing to the eyes of people.


Another great feature and benefit of ADJ Focus Spot 2X is its quality. As mentioned before, it has a lightweight material that gives it durability so you can use it for a long time. It is also constructed with quality materials that make it strong and sturdy. You can be sure that ADJ Focus Spot 2X will last for a long time.

Ease of Use

For this feature, ADJ Focus Spot 2X is perfect because it has easy setup. There is no need to use any tools when setting the focus spotlight. You just simply have to add it into the provided yoke and tighten it up with a knob. The following steps are easy to follow that you can easily attach your fixture without any trouble at all.


ADJ Focus Spot 2X is also a great deal for its price. This has an affordable price range which makes it affordable by many. It will surely make you save money for it is cheap in price yet with great features and benefits. You can surely enjoy using it because of its affordable price, high-quality materials, ease of use, and durability.

ADJ Focus Spot 2X

Beam Angle

The beam angle of ADJ Focus Spot 2X is attributed to its lens design. Its lens can throw a 50-degree beam angle which provides a soft and beautiful light effect.

The beam angle of Focus Spot 2X is achieved through its lens and reflector design. This ensures that the fixture will provide satisfactory light coverage no matter where you use it for. So you can be sure that your event will surely have a soft and beautiful lighting effect.

Durability & Safety

ADJ Focus Spot 2X’s body is made from ABS plastic that making it the most durable material even under extreme use. It also has an integrated hanging bracket that makes it easy to mount on any truss. This light is also designed with safety in mind since it has a polarized power cord to prevent shocks caused by the electrical system.

Power Supply

ADJ Focus Spot 2X is powered by an AC adapter that can be connected using a PowerCon socket. It guarantees you uninterrupted performance because of its built-in circuit breaker.

ADJ Focus Spot 2X

Technical Specifications

Focus Spot 2X is a fixed wash light with four color frames and a gobo wheel that has two rotating prism effect wheels: one fixed and the other moving. It also features an infrared wireless remote which can be used up to 30 feet. Furthermore, it has a low voltage power supply of 100-240VAC for worldwide use.

Power Consumption

This light consumes 180 Watts that is equivalent to 50 Watt Halogen Bulb. Using this will cost you less for electricity consumption. This also saves your money because of its durability and great features.

Illumination Output

For those who are wondering how bright is this light, at a power supply of 180W its illumination output reaches 24000 LUX which can be enough in highlighting your venues or events.

Colored Guards

This light is designed with 4 ½” colored plastic guards that are strategically placed in between the LEDs for better lighting effects. It is also made out of high-quality plastic that can be easily attached to any light stand.


American DJ ADJ PAK 2

American DJ ADJ PAK 2 is a 5-in-1 kit that you can use to cover a large area with color and light. This kit comes with two ADJ focus spot 2X fixtures, which are the main articles in this review.

The kit also includes power cords, extension cords, safety hooks, and nylon ties for mounting purposes. In case you do not have any of those items, you should consider buying them separately.

American DJ ADJ PAK 2 comes with two spotlights that can be used as a pair or as a single unit. Each spotlight has a built-in mini-controller with several operational modes.

However, keep in mind that the quoted wattage is often only achieved in ideal conditions with no heat dissipation. The product can get quite hot after some time, which means that it also consumes more power than advertised.

On the other hand, this model produces a very narrow beam of 20 degrees, which allows you to focus the light on small areas or create special effects.

ADJ Products LED Lighting POCKET PRO

ADJ Products LED Lighting POCKET PRO is a pocket-sized version of the popular carted focus. A powerful, high-quality single unit that is equipped with 3 LED fixtures and a 10° beam angle at 5,000K daylight color temperature.

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery will last approx. 3 hours on a full charge and powers the unit for over 500 cycles. Charging time is 5 hours for a full charge, powered by an included AC/DC adapter.

This fixture provides an output equivalent to a 50W halogen while drawing only 15W for added energy savings and convenience. With the built-in Globe, you can easily create customized looks using the color wheel and variable CTO so your lights match the mood of your events.

With a compact and lightweight design, you can set up and tear down your lights in seconds. Easily mount it on a tripod or speaker stand with the mounting bracket for ultimate flexibility. The POCKET PRO is perfect for small mobile DJs, venues, churches, and corporate applications as well as an excellent intro to LED lighting at a great value.

Last but not least, there’s no need to worry about where to store the pocket because it has a compact design that is thin enough to be placed behind or under any furniture or equipment for maximum room space.

ADJ Products XS 600

ADJ Products XS 600 is a great product. This is a high-speed rotating double-mounted optic system that will give you an amazing effect on stage or any other place where the DJ equipment is being used. It has two spinning gobos in one clear, 7-blade ellipsoidal reflector with 18 tri-color LEDs.

According to your requirement, it can be programmed for any color. The striking visual of ADJ’s XS 600 really makes an impact with its high-speed disco style LED rotating disco light. It is compatible with most brands like American DJ, Chauvet, Elation, and more.

ADJ Products XS 600 comes with a very reasonable price range which can be afforded easily by anyone. It can be mounted on a truss, stacked, and even hung from the ceiling. The amazing effect of ADJ’s XS 600 disco light is sure to grab everyone’s attention with its high-speed rotating double gobos with tri-color LEDs.

With 18 RGBAW+UV tri-color LEDs, fixed colors are red/green/blue and the rotating gobos will be red/green. The ADJ Products XS 600 requires a power supply of 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz. It has an amazing projection size demand of 25 feet (7.5 meters).


ADJ Focus Spot 2X

How do you use the ADJ Focus Spot 2X at night time?

The ADJ Focus Spot 2X can be used at nighttime because it emits a cool white light. The ADJ Focus Spot 2X also has a range of up to 25 meters while producing a 12-degree beam angle.

Can I change to different colors for this product?

No, the ADJ Focus Spot 2X only emits one light. You are not able to change the color of the ADJ Focus Spot 2X. The product is available in cool white, with an option to purchase it as a traditional spotlight.

Does this work with batteries or just plug-in only?

The ADJ Focus Spot 2X can be used with batteries or plugged in, but we recommend using it plugged in because the battery only lasts about four hours. The switch is reserved for turning on and off current so if you don’t mind being tethered to an outlet at all times then go right ahead and use it plugged in both ways. In any case, always keep spare batteries on hand just in case.


ADJ Focus Spot 2X is a powerful stage light with many features to make your show go off without a hitch. We hope that this in-depth article has given you some insight into how it can help you rock the spotlight at any venue, whether large or small.

If you’re interested in purchasing ADJ Focus Spot 2X but don’t know where to start, let one of our team members walk through all the specs and answer your questions so you feel confident about making an informed decision.

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